Two individuals fleeing from broken and disillusioned romances met on a rainy morning and started their emotional journey to true love. Mitch’s attraction to a stubborn redhead, Erin, brought about entanglements he never expected.

A series of burglaries in Parkers Grove placed Erin in danger and led to a cold case mystery. Mitch found himself rescuing Erin from flying bullets and helping to solve a cold case murder and local burglaries.

All of this with the help of friends in a small town provided the fertile circumstances for true love.

Mitch’s one last desperate declaration of love following a redhead’s stubborn argument finally led to an elopement and free-wheeling honeymoon. Cold case solved and love triumphant.

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Review of Cold Case Fallout by BK Walker Books - Cold Case Fallout by Myrna R. Caudill is a stupendous read,  grasping your attention from the very first page!  Caudill did a fantastic job maintaining the suspense while having you rooting for the desired outcome - 'Love'. 

The added humor, short paragraphs,  and easy to follow writing style of Myrna R. Caudill, makes Cold Case Fallout astounding.

Erin Fuller has been hurt by love, and Mitchell Evans is sure he doesn't want it.  When a rainy day and a series of burglaries bring Erin and Mitchell together - they both refuse to accept that their feelings have been opened up like a can of worms. As they are both determined to avoid each other,  the investigation of the burglaries in the small town of Parker's Grove keep bringing these two back together.

As we continue further into the story,  a cold case murder is found to be in connection with the burglaries. Mitch is forced to assess his feelings while trying to keep Erin out of harm's way.  Being the stubborn redhead that she is,  Erin continually evades Mitch, along with her growing feelings towards him. Watch the plot open up as Caudill creates a real page turner.

A fabulous read!  I would definitely recommend this book.  If you're a fan of mystery and romance, you are surely going to love Cold Case Fallout.  I give it **** (4) Stars ~ BK Walker - Author/reviewer of BK Walker Books, http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

Copyright BK Walker Books - 2009
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