Edging Past Reality
Author - David Fingerman
Publisher - Two Harbors Press

Synopsis of Edging Past Reality:

Get ready to expect the unexpected when you read this collection of chilling short stories The short stories of Edging Past Reality will take you to the precipice of reason and then push you over the edge.

If you think you can always believe your eyes, and you're sure that what you believe is true, it's time to check your certainties at the door ... and start Edging Past Reality. In this collection of short stories, as you're warned in the introduction, ''the most common and familiar elements of life ... explode into a circus of horror.'' Imagine an inviting, lush meadow that turns shockingly deadly. A mirror that holds more than mere reflections. A trial where your life hangs by a call-in vote.

David Fingerman, a master of the unforeseen and unpredictable, will take you on a number of seemingly ordinary journeys and then smoothly veer off course, surprising you with twists and turns that propel you toward destinations that are not only unexpected, but often terrifying.

My Thoughts -

I loved this book.  Edging Past Reality is a magnificent compilation of short stories.  Fingerman has a fantastic imagination,  bringing an unexpecting twist to reality.  Some stories will give you chills,  others will make you shutter,  all will have you thinking.  I do have a few of my favorites out of this compilation and I am going to elaborate a bit on those for your enjoyment and a good taste of what you can expect from David Fingerman.

Fingerman has grouped his stories into categories,  so I will take a story out of each category that I absolutely loved.

Too Young To Know Any Better:
A Halloween Story - Trick or treating and lost in the woods,  little Tommy comes across a lone house.  After knocking on the door,  he becomes enchanted with the lady of the house,  a beautiful witch stirring her brew.  Tommy knows she's a witch and has bespelled him,  though she is so nice he cannot be afraid.  Will Tommy make it out alive? 

Old Enough To Know Better:
Peeping Tom - When the owner of several cabins decides upon check-in which women he would like to fantasize about, he gets more than he bargained for when Amanda checked in.  I so was not expecting the ending,  FANTASTIC!

Is This A Mid-Life Crisis?
A Walk In The Woods - Steve Blanchard was a prestigious lawyer that never took any time for himself.  He lets a co-worker talk him into going to a cabin in the woods.  While there he comes across a wolf.  Deeming the wolf malnourished he starts to feed it and eventually the wolf takes food from his hands.  One day deciding on a walk a snow storm hits and Steve becomes lost.  Taking coverage in a cave,  who should come to the rescue?  The wolf...yes he leads Steven back to the cabin where the door is found ajar.  What do you suppose waits inside for the duo? 

Senior Moments:
A Midnight Stroll - When a series of unexpected murders have taken place in an apartment building of seniors,  it has become unsafe to be out on your own in the town.  Seventy two year old Francis cannot stand sitting inside though and he takes a stroll through the park.  After tripping and hurting his ankle,  he is helped by a young Indian named Bear.  Bear helps Francis home telling him he should not be out alone with all the murders.  They chat and tell each other of their pasts and how they have come to where they are today,  when Francis invites Bear up for tea.  You think you know what will happen in the end...but are you certain that will be the outcome?

It certainly is a toss up as to which ones are the best of short stories in Edging Past Reality,  but David Fingerman certainly knows how to deliver.  I give this title ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Paula Zone
Review by Paula Phillips

Swan Song - Jevron McCrory - 2010

Swan song as we can guess has something to do with a serene singer ,
however our singer in this novel is anything but a swan; In fact the main
character Katrina , reminds me of the fairytale the Ugly duckling ,where
the baby swan thought he was a duckling and everyone around thought he was a duck too, but in the end he turned out to be a beautiful creature - a gorgeous and elegant swan. In Jevron's novel Swan Song , we are presented with a new and upcoming singer whom seems to be taking the club scene by storm , a singer that is assumed private and that nobody really knows anything about since she refuses to participate in interviews and all that media hooha that comes with the territory of being famous. Our other main star of the book is Lewis Morrison , a music journalist whose known for his infamous mouth and carries a bad reputation with him. When he is assigned to do a write up , he has the impression that this is going to be another pop princess that wants to be the next Mandy Moore or as referred to in Swan Song as similar as Enya. When Lewis hears Katrina , she has an effect on him that makes him sick ? Is Lewis the only one that feels repulsed by Katrina and what power does she contain to make everyone fall for her ?. As the novella plays out we learn that Katrina is definitley not human and we read as Lewis's character changes significantly through the novella . A Novella that keeps your attention and leaves you turning the pages as you are keen to find out exactly what Katrina is and what is going to happen to Lewis. What made this novella enjoyable was also the numerous twists and turns the story takes as it is jam-packed into 60+ pages.

(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

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Reviewed by Daniel Dietz

Mason Witt is an average kid who loves skateboarding.  He had been grounded for a week for riding his skateboard in the neighbors empty pool,  and today was his first day of freedom.  He was anxious to get off the bus to ride his board.

When he got home his mother made him his favorite snack of apples and peanut butter,  so he ate quickly to be able to ride his board before they had to run errands.  Before going to play,  he ran to his room to put his backpack away and checked his email.

Being a pen pal on Cyber Writers,  he found an email from Africa.  Before he was able to read it,  his mother yelled that they had to leave sooner than anticipated so they could get his brother Jamie at Karate,  then go get hair cuts.

While getting their hair cuts Mason was so excited to get that email he asked the barber if he knew anything about Africa.  When asked why,  Mason told all about being a pen pal with Cyber Writers.

Finally home,  Mason grabs a slice of pizza and runs upstairs to check his email.  He starts reading and the introduction of Lutalo begins.  Lutalo is in desperate need of help to return a Zebra and his missing father.  "The Zebra is what brings prosperity to farmers crops and harmony to all villagers".  The Zebra is known as the "Zebra of Life". 

Getting ready for bed Mason crawls under the covers to finish reading his email.  Suddenly he feels vines,  jumping out of bed he realizes that his bedroom is changing into a jungle.  Mason has been virtually transported to Africa.

Follow Mason and Lutalo during their adventures through Africa,  as they begin the chase in hopes to safely return the Zebra of Life and Lutalo's father,  Mwamba.

Kostlivy did a great job with her first book in the Cyber Writer Series.  I found myself anxious to find out what happened next,  and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.  I was amazed with the plot and she kept my attention from beginning to end.

I give Cyber Writers and The Zebra of Life ***** (5) Stars,  Daniel Dietz,  children's book reviewer for BK Walker Books.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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NyteBeauti by Kristin Roisin was a fantastic read.  A great plot with enthralling characters,  you will be anxious to find out what Desta must endure next.

Desta awakens with no memories of her past.  Each night the only thing she knows is an unexplainable hunger.  Her memories show men with evil eyes and it only causes her an increased sense of fear with each remembering.

Lucky enough to have found a sanctuary in the basement of a church,  a priest offers her a wine that helps to quench her hunger.  Each night after her meal,  she wanders out into the night,  hoping to find the answers to her past.

She finds herself at the same tavern each night,  and is surprised that it offers her a sense of safety.  She ventures to the back of the tavern where she finds a beautiful lake,  which gives her a sense of peace.  She realizes it is the lake they call "Vampire Lake".  She remembers the tale that a great priest blessed the lake and it was where many of the vampire kind,  her kind,  would meet their demise.

Her thoughts are suddenly interrupted when a approaches her from her behind telling her that all of her kind should be dead.  Startled at first,  she slowly uses her finger to remove the sword at her throat.  The problem is this vampire slayer feels a strong connection to her,  and instantly resolves not to kill her,  but protect her.

Sensing a trust in Cyrus,  the slayer,  she tells of her memories.  He swears to keep her safe,  and with each night her search continues.  That is until one night,  she meets a pair of the eyes from her memories.

Scared and without thinking,  she runs away.  She finds Cyrus runs into Cyrus and tells him of her encounter.  He takes her to a safe place where they sleep until dusk. 

At dusk she ventures out again,  only to find herself in a very compromised situation.  Beaten and near death,  Logan saves her.  Is this the first time her and Logan have met? 

Roisin did a fantastic job with this title.  NyteBeauti has the perfect plot,  with a lot of the vampire lore we are used to with some fantastic originality.  Her characters are ones that you will find yourself loving one and angry with the other.  I especially liked Morrigan.  She is a feisty Irish woman with a definite boldness you are sure to fall in love with.  I do hope to see much more of Kristin Roisin.

I give NyteBeauti **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Life Blossoms Like A Rose In Thorns by Raghavan Jayaprakash was an intriguing story. 

Starting with the life of Smitha,  a young Indian girl who believes that arranged marriages should no longer be as they were accustomed  to.  When her sister is arranged to be married,  Smitha is angered by the fact that the husband is only out for her father's fortune.

Smitha is determined to break free from tradition,  earning her education hoping to be the one woman who fights for all in India.  When she learns of her brother in law's abuse toward her sister and their children,  she refuses to be put in the same situation.

She earns her education,  traveling to Ethiopa to teach.  It is here that she stumbles upon a conversation for assassination of the president.  Sure that no one will believe her,  she takes her information to the guards,  as she is even more sure that she cannot live with such knowledge should something happen that she could have prevented.

When she is taken seriously,  and the President is saved,  she is given instant leadership by the president,  where she learns military skills and gains riches.  Upon her return to home,  she is presented with multiple marriage proposals.

Much to her surprise,  one man she actually felt a connection with and they were married.  To her surprise,  he too had wealth,  and was not only after hers.

They bore two children,  who were told would be great in the world.  Though both children were like night and day,  they both grew to make their parents proud.

After the death of her husband from a tragic accident,  Smitha mourns for over a year.  It is when her brother summons them home that they return to their native land.

The boys,  Bhaskar and Prem,  both attend private school and excel at a rapid pace.  Bhaskar falls in love,  only to win a scholarship where he must leave his one true love Anna behind.

After years of being gone and becoming a world class heart surgeon,  he is paid a visit from his mother and brother,  who left training for the Olympics to see his brother.  When they land there is a tragic accident that claims his brothers life.  Heart broken and grieving, Bhaskar decides to call his lost love,  only to learn she has married another.

The years pass,  and Bhaskar is called to an emergency heart surgery to save a wealthy Indian.  As he boards the plane he sees a familiar face.  "Good Morning Anna,  how are you my Dear?"  Shocked at the appearance of one that Anna thought was lost forever,  she is more than happy to see her long lost love.  After the flight they get together where they talk of the past and learn neither is married.  They both agree to wait no longer and marry in a private ceremony before Bhaskar is scheduled for surgery.

The surgery was a huge success,  Bhaskar is deemed a hero,  and the love between him and Anna only grows deeper.

This was a great story.  The only thing I had a problem with was that there was no notice of change in character.  This title is entirely in the first person,  and switches to first person of another character with no advance notice.  I loved to learn about how there is wish to change customs in India,  and found Smitha a very strong and empowering woman.  I think the story could have ended better,  having Anna meet Smitha and seeing her reaction to an interracial marriage by her son.

I give Life Blossoms Like A Rose In Thorns ***1/2 (3.5) Stars,  BK Walker.


Learn more about this author - Raghavan Jayaprakash

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The Health Farm Murders by John Reid was fantastic.  For any murder mystery fan,  this title is sure to keep you guessing until the very end.

Merryll Manning is going on holiday.  In need of a break, and time to relax he heads to the Health Farm,  for some much needed rejuvination.

On the train he meets some others heading to the same place.   While Merryll is ready to start to relax,  that is the last thing that he will be granted as a series of murders take place.

As a Sergeant on the police force,  he must take command and help local police solve these murders.  The problem is,  it could be any one of the guests staying at the Health Farm.

Local police want to point the finger at a know "bad boy"  of the community,  only Merryll is sure it's not him.  Merryll must prove his innocence and find the real killer before "Jimbo"  Punter meets his demise.

Reid did a fantastic job writing The Health Farm Murders.  Action packed and sure to keep you guessing until the very end.  With a surprising twist you will definitely want to add this to your murder/mystery collection.

I give The Health Farm Murders ***** (5) Stars, BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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My Punishment by Spring Carrion was a phenomenal read.  Spring is a newly published young author that holds nothing back when it comes to her writing.

Aubrey had the perfect life.  A mother and father who found love in high school and loved their daughter with all they had.  Life couldn't have been much better for Aubrey.

That is until the day tragedy struck.  Aubrey and her dad were on their way to her dance lesson when they were struck from behind and pushed into oncoming traffic.  Sadly,  this accident claimed her fathers life.

Through the turmoil of grieving the loss of the man they both loved,  Aubrey's finds she cannot cope,  turning to the bottle for relief of her pain.  Little Aubrey blamed herself,  and so did her mother.

As the years go on,  Aubrey finds herself in a life of solitude.  Kids from school pick on her,  her mother is in her own world,  Aubrey has nowhere to turn.  Her mother doesn't deal with the loss of "her one true love"  continually blaming Aubrey,  and eventually taking it out on her physically.

Through more desolation,  Aubrey deals with becoming pregnant,  to deciding to take her own life.  Will Aubrey escape the darkness that is determined to consume her?

Find out in My Punishment.  Carrion did a fantastic job writing this title.  This title definitely stirred emotions.  You will feel your heart breaking for Aubrey as you follow her through her life.  You will find yourself angry,  sad,  and wishing you could do something to help this child.

I give My Punishment ***** (5) Stars,  and hope to see more from Spring Carrion as she has a beautiful way of enthralling the reader from the moment you read the first sentence.  ~BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com


Learn more about this fantastic author - Spring Carrion

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Review by Paula Phillips

Miami Snow -Darcia Helle -2009

Imagine if one day , you had everything that you could dream off and then
just like that it was over and you were left with nothing. For Nick Donovan this was his reality , one day he had a nice house, a good job and a beautiful wife who was pregnant with his child and then the next all
that was gone , when he found out his wife was seeing his best friend
behind his back. Nick had nothing .

Starting from scratch Nick moved to the opposite side of the coast to his ex-wife Shelley and Jimmy . Trying to find his place in this new life , Nick meets free-spirited Brandy and her friends Aaron, Dylan and Jenna.

All is going well until Nick is told he is a dad and Brandy, Aaron and Dylan start doing Coke, As the story develops we watch the strained relationships between all the characters and we watch others drift away and unlikely couples come closer. When tragedy hits Shelley, Nick must take a step back and look at his life as responsibility of his daughter is thrust upon him.

Fast forward eight years , Nick is happily married and has three children and Shelley is sick. Can Nick and Shelley reconcile differences before it's too late or when the time comes , has the clock stopped ticking?  Find out in this novel of Sex, Drugs, Cash , Families and knowing when to say no and being able to determine what is right and wrong in order to survive.

3.5 Stars :)

For More Information on Darcia and her books head to her website

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Review by Paula Phillips

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The Heart of A Warrior - Margaret West - 2009

When Belinda arrives to Arizona from England , wanting some TLC from her father she arrives at the airport with a shock that seems to follow one after another. Informed that her father has had a heart-attack and is in hospital , all she wants to do is make sure her father is well and check up on the Shop . When arriving at the shop, she is in for another shock as the Lansdowne's couple whom are looking after the shop as let it run to the ground-it's definitley not the same shop her father had made his prized possession-his soul and joy.

In Arizona, Belinda meets Yuma -the American Indian Chief. At first - neither of them like each other very much , but is it just a front ? As they get to know each other along the novel , it shows they are meant to be together , however it wouldn't be very much of a great story if their wasn't some obstacle that they have to overcome . As Chief of the Reservation Yuma is supposed to marry somebody with American Indian blood and it is to be an arranged marriage and when Belinda's ex-husband Ray ends up in Arizona -Yuma gets the wrong idea.

Will Belinda and Yuma end up together or when Belinda flies back to England , will Yuma be a Spring/Winter Fling ? A great novel that portrays the American Indian culture in a realistic way right down to their living situations, values and rituals.

(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

Website www.margaret-west.com

Blog for writing http://Margaret-paranormalromanceauthor.blogspot.com/
Spiritual Blog.   http://magsx.blogspot.com/

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