The Iron King by Julie Kagawa was awesome.  Full of action,  twists and unexpected turns I couldn't put this down until I was at the end. 

Meghan Chase was an outcast.  Always being picked on at school,  no real friends accept her friend from childhood,  Robbie. 

Robbie was a bit strange though,  never allowing Meghan to come to his house always with an excuse.  In all the years they have been friends,  Meghan has never even met his parents.  When a popular jock sends a mass message to all the kids at school,  embarrassing Meghan to no end,  Robbie comes to the rescue.  As a girl is teasing Meghan while Robbie is leading her to the bus,  he mumbles something incoherent,  but the outcome doesn't go unnoticed by Meghan.

Vowing to never return to school,  Meghan faces bigger problems when she gets home.  She finds her mother unconscious,  her little brother isn't her little brother.  The time has come for Robbie to tell Meghan the truth.

With all the glamour removed,  Meghan learns that Fairies actually exist.  Now she must accept what she has learned and save her little brother Ethan. 

Entering Nevernever was not exactly what she expected.  Everyone hunts her,  the half-breed child of the Summer Court King.  Not knowing what her true existence means,  she fights her way through the Nevernever,  fighting creatures that only exist in our dreams. 

Meeting a few "friends" along the way,  Meghan constantly finds herself bargaining her life away in order to save her brother.  Robbie,  actually Robin Goodfellow,  leads her through getting them into trouble and eventually leaving her in the hands of his worst enemy,  Ash. 

Ash has orders from his Queen to return the child,  Meghan,  to her court,  but Ash never expected to fall in love.  Now they face the torturous demons in search of her brother,  Meghan only wanting to return him to their home.

The thing is,  technology is getting in the way.  Now the dreams of humans is for better,  stronger machines,  and the creation of the Iron King is born.

Meghan is faced with the ultimate decision of all,  and must choose wisely in order to survive.  Will she follow the correct path?  Will love conquer all in the end?

Kagawa did such a fantastic job with The Iron King.  I found myself swept away into a world magnificently created.  Rooting for Robin and for love,  I couldn't put this book down until I was finished.  I loved it and can't wait to read the next in the series.

I give The Iron King ***** (5) Latte's.  BK Walker

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The Other Side of Life by Jess C. Scott was a pleasant read.  A definite change from the normal fantasy novels I've come across.

Anya London and her best friend Leticia made a life out of being thieves.  When they enter the old Stone Church,  they had no idea that someone was lingering about listening to their conversation.

Nin had been looking for someone to help him and his crew to find a missing parchment to an Elven poem.  When he hears Anya and Leticia talking,  he eavesdropped,  getting a sense he could entrust these two girls to his mission.  Finally approaching them after noticing they hold an old Elven Goblet,  he bargains for the enchanted piece to return it to its rightful owner.  Promising them another treasure,  we meet Tavia and Dresan.  Tavia is actually Nin's cousin,  though he plays her off as a girlfriend. 

Things come to a head and both parties faceoff,  only to realize these two girls are exactly who they need in order to accomplish retrieving the missing parchment.  Taking them to their underground lair,  they introduce the girls to their true identities,  they are Elves.  After the initial shock,  Anya feels a connection to Nin,  and agrees to help the trio,  even after they state that they have already failed and were almost killed.

Putting their plan into action,  Anya goes home to research Elven history.  When Julius,  Leticia's boyfriend sees what she is looking into,  he swears they never existed.  There is something off about Julius though,  and we soon find out that he is stealing life from the Elves to fulfill his need for greed.

The plot unfolds,  the action intensifies,  and we are surprised by many of the outcomes that play out.  Though this story started off just a smidgen slow,  once the action picks up there is no putting this book down until you find out what happens.

What I thought could have been a little more drawn out was how easily the girls accepted the fact that this trio were in fact Elves.  I thought they took that bit of information a little too lightly,  but it didn't really matter once the story picked up.

Scott did a great job creating a fantasy world unlike no other,  putting her own twist on things making it her own.  The end was a huge surprise,  and one you would not expect and I'm anxious for the next book in this trilogy.  I give The Other Side of Life (4) Latte's. 

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Reviewed by Melissa Etters

I have to say, this book spoke to me.

A young child witnessing the most horrific crime, the loss of her mother, not able to trust men. Comes to find that there is good in this world and over time, all wounds heal.

Getting moved from foster home to foster home, then into a more permanent stay, she didn't trust anyone, until she met Marni... with love and understanding this small soul finds a way to forgive and heal and along the way, finds a horse that has the same scars. Only his is on the outside. Her father has escaped from prison and is now looking for her. He doesn't want her, but he feels he has a plan to make a profit off of a kidnapping. But officials are already aware of this possibility.

No matter how bad things are, you need to rise above them. You can't always do things alone, you need the help of others, so don't shut them out. To see abuse, or to live with the abuse makes one weak and a target. You need to regain confidence and will power to help others and not let it happen again. Kristy regained her life and brought so much more to others.

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Untamable by Becca Dale was exquisite.  I don't know if I just didn't look at this book close enough,  read the synopsis right or what but this was definitely not what I expected, and just look at that cover.  I loved it! 

Lily hadn't been home in eight years.  The day Thor told her to leave was the day she left everything behind.  Now the time has come that she must return home to see her good friend Mara, who happens to be Thor's sister.

Knowing sooner or later she will have to come face to face with Thor,  she wasn't exactly prepared for it.  He could still make the fire burn despite how much he broke her heart. 

When Thor tells her he's going to be riding Lightning,  the  very horse that put him in the hospital and caused her to leave her life,  Lily realizes he still takes too many risks and tells him she won't be watching him try to kill himself.  Furious at his arrogance,  she storms off.

Now,  during those dreadful eight seconds,  she can't turn away.  Thor makes his ride and a rush of relief floods Lily,  he wasn't hurt.  In search of a breather,  she heads to the barn. 

An old wound flared,  Thor finds Lily in the stables,  dropping from the pain in his knee.  "Kiss me."  Thor demands needing to get his mind off the pain or pass out.  Lily gives in and passions re-ignite.  Realizing the love is still strong,  Thor refuses to let Lily leave him again.  Will he be able to convince her to stay?

I loved this short by Becca Dale.  I wasn't expecting the steamy sex scenes which was an added bonus for me.  I loved these characters and the relationship between Thor and Lily was well developed and fantastically played out.  The only thing I wanted was more.  I think this story would make for a great novel and I do hope to see more of Lily and Thor,  even some of their back story could be a book of its own. 

Becca Dale has such a wonderful style of writing I can't wait to read more from her.  I give Untamable ***** (5) Latte's.

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Reviewed by Ami Blackwelder

Guardian 2632 by Nora Weston

With cosmonauts time surfing and a manager in charge of the Guardian TMF (Dr.Grayson), this novel steps right into the sci-fi time travel aspects that will draw sci-fi fans in. The techi is named Zane and keeps the system operating. The female Marissa gives the story an extra kick, of characters playing off of each other.

Stealing from time, the characters go through the past and present -2632. The very beginning of the novel did not capture me, and it took a while for me to get into it with all the time changes to keep up with and various characters, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because this novel had a series on twists and intriguing moments as well as characters.

I would recommend this to sci-fi fans.

3.75/5 Stars

Reviewed by Ami Blackwelder, author of The Shifters of 2040


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Gods of the Machines by Gary Starta was a fantastic Sci-Fi thriller.  Man vs Machine.

Ceres is a new planet in which Earth is trying to populate,  not only with humans but artificial intelligence as well. 

Dr. McElroy has created a superior AI Android,  and they are so intelligent they can feel emotions and have free will.

When a murder takes place,  it is up to CSI Sam Benson to solve the case,  but there are absolutely no leads to a suspect.  Flown in from Earth,  Sam doesn't trust any android,  and they are first on his radar as there are no clues,  no prints,  and who else could possibly be that successful at murder than an Android?

A second murder scene with 3 victims has now occurred.  James Starkman,  an Android of great intelligence was first on the scene,  and now their number one suspect.  Benson has no problems accusing him,  regardless of what his fiance' says or anyone else for that matter. 

So what do these murder victims have in common?  They are all committing adultery,  and this is the only connection.  With a new partner,  Sharon Laviolette,  Benson is at wits end,  and on the verge of committing adultery himself. 

Then we have Mikasa who works for DigiEarth and wants to recreate McElroy's Androids for his own use.  He's got all of Earth and law officials in his palms because he is rich enough to pay off in order to get what he wants.  Is he who is behind these treacherous murders?

I loved the entire plot of this novel.  The Android aspect of it was absolutely amazing,  these beings having their own thought process and even James Starkman studies past human life,  back to Alexander the Great to better understand humans and their thought processes. 

Benson is this ball of emotions,  he hates artificial intelligence simply as fear of the unknown,  his investigation runs into so many walls.  At first I thought what a jerk,  but as the story progresses,  we see Benson grow as a CSI,  a partner,  and an about to be husband to his fiance' Sandra Morton. 

Gods of the Machines moves along at a steady pace,  there weren't really any dry moments for me.  I didn't like Sandra's reaction to Benson and Sharon with the development of their professional and personal relationship,  but I guess not all women are complete crazy bitches (pardon my french).

I did like watching Benson grow and transform and I absolutely loved James Starkman.  I would have liked to see a better ending with Mikasa,  maybe his fall or demise.  Other than that,  this was a well written tale with some surprising twists and turns.

I give Gods of the Machines **** (4) Latte's,  BK Walker.

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Don't try this at home.

I have to say I don't usually get into the whole S&M,  Dominatrix aspect of things but this title sure kept my interest.

From a broken woman to falling in love,  trust is definitely something you would have to have between two people participating in this type of sex. 

Elle was attacked the night she showed up at the clinic.  He was captivated by her beauty and only wanted to fix her.  Two years later,  after her being his submissive all the while,  it's time for him to go home to his wife.  Elle not only fell in love with him too,  she bared her entire soul giving him complete trust.  I'm not going to divulge in the details of what acts were performed,  this would ruin the story for you,  but I will say that at one point I found myself almost crying with Elle as she trusted beyond how much anyone should trust one person.  He is her Master,  and she will obey his every command.

When the day comes that he has to leave,  they are both heartbroken knowing they would never find a love like theirs again.  Elle is left with knowing she will never allow anyone to penetrate her walls of trust believing he will someday return for her.I read this in one sitting and it was definitely a gripping tale.  I give His Elle ***** (5) Stars.  Fantastic read and Valentino wastes no time getting down and dirty - so to speak. 

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Well what can I say?  Tina Folsom has delivered another fantastic Erotica read with Samson's Lovely Mortal.  This was such a great read I hated to put it down.

Samson has been going through a rough period,  unable to perform sexually with all the stresses of life he is currently enduring.  When he decides to take his good friend Amaury's advice,  he visits Dr. Drake,  a psychiatrist for Vampires.

Unsure that this doctor can help,  he tries to heed his advice.  It is his birthday and the boys have prepared a surprise for Samson,  even though Samson is not surprised they've made plans.

When Delilah pounds on his door hoping to escape her attacker,  Samson is surprised the boys have sent a human to help him with his problem.  Feeling the attraction,  he plays along with what he thinks is part of Delilah's act,  (he thinks she's a stripper,  not a true damsel in distress).  As she tries to fight him off,  now unsure is she may have been safer outside with the man that grabbed her,  Samson finds himself aroused.

The boys enter with the real stripper,  and Samson is found with a huge case of embarrassment.  Now feeling he must make it up to Delilah,  he offers her a ride home,  then later asks her out on a date.  When the real stripper attempts to pleasure him,  he finds himself back in the same boat as before and seeks the good Dr.'s advice.

Dr. Drake's advice is simple - he must have sex with this human girl.

Delilah accepts Samson's invitation,  surprised she feels an attraction to Samson even after the way he treated her.  Their date goes exceptionally well,  and as they are leaving,  her attacker appears yet again,  not expecting her protector to be a Vampire.

This now sets the stage for Samson to become Delilah's protector,  and since he is the owner of Scanguards,  a body guard service,  he seeks to find out who and why someone is after his new attraction,  and healer of his erectile dysfunction.

With surprising twists and turns along the way,  not to mention fantastic,  steamy sex,  Folsom did not hold back on delivering another fantastic read.  I highly recommend this series,  The Scanguards Vampires,  and give Samson's Lovely Mortal ***** (5) Stars. ~BK Walker

Learn more about Tina Folsom

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No Rest for the Wicca was,  in one word...Amazing.  I absolutely loved this book.  Morgan Hawkes is a Paranormal Investigator.  Being half Wiccan,  she possesses certain powers that allow her to help spirits move on that are caught in between worlds.  When she is summoned to take on a case with the Special Forces Unit,  memories of the past haunt her and she isn't sure this case is for her.  That is until the voices of the dead witches speak to her,  telling her she is the only one that can help them.  Someone is killing full blooded witches and it is up to Morgan,  and her new,  gorgeous,  Inheritor Vampire Partner,  Cole St. John,  to find them,  should she agree to take on the case.  After her cousin is attacked,  Morgan takes the case,  facing her biggest fears head on.  What she wasn't planning was the strong attraction to Cole.  As they close in on who is behind these witch murders,  they also close in on feelings never before ventured.LoTempio did a fantastic job keeping you in suspense,  guessing through the entire book and leaving you with a surprise twist at the end.  This was a title that has a great opening,  the characters are very likeable and easy to connect with,  and the action keeps you turning the pages.  I particularly love Cole,  he has so much patience to deal with Morgan as she can be very stubborn and sassy.  They were a great match and I just loved the chemistry LoTempio developed between them. Research was well done and  I love her Vampire classifications,  an Inheritor being half human.  Brilliant.  Toni LoTempio could be the next Laurell K. Hamilton,  for she carries a similar intensity.  I loved everything about this title.  I highly recommend this book and give it 5/5 Stars!

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