Tandem by Tracey Bateman was definitely not what I expected.  This is my first experience with Tracey and I must say I'm very curious to read her book Thirsty now too.

When I first picked up this book,  I thought it was going to just be a murder/mystery novel.  To my surprise,  it was a paranormal suspense.  A nice surprise it was too.

Lauryn McBride is a daddy's girl.  She's lived her entire life around her father,  even getting into the auction business to be close to him.

Now that he's developed Alzheimer's,  she continues on with the business,  but also moves into the caregiver role as well.  Having good days and bad days,  Lauryn revolves her entire existence to being there for her dad.

As she gets the Chasom house ready for auction,  cataloging and pricing all the belongings inside,  an old flame returns to town.  Billy left without word to follow his heart as a missionary.  Now he returns with a daughter,  and Lauryn just isn't sure how to deal with it all.  She's never allowed herself time to date,  and now she feels all these emotions returning from when Billy first left.

Her good friend and sheriff,  Charley tries to forewarn her that Billy's returned,  but not before she runs into him.  Charley also runs the only Inn in town,  and this is where we meet Amede Dastillion,  the sister of the woman who died along with the owner of the Chasom House in a fire.  It's this house that becomes key into plot of this title.

With the return of Billy,  and the new mysterious Amede,  a series of murders are taking place along with several dead animals being drained of blood.  The town becomes fearful as they investigate to solve these horrible crimes.

There is one local,  Miranda, that believes that the crimes are caused by vampires.  As the investigation goes on,  Amede starts acting peculiar,  as she senses her sisters presence.  What they all are surprised by though is who is actually committing the crimes.  Someone they all thought they could trust.

Bateman did a great job with the element of surprise.  The suspense was fantastic as you continually find yourself guessing as to who the perp is.  Then you find yourself feeling for Lauryn as she deals with her father,  and also her life. 

Bateman gives you the thoughts of several characters throughout the book,  allowing you a glimpse into what is actually going on in this town.  I was definitely surprised at the end of this book,  and I'm sure you will be too.

I give Tandem **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker.

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All I can say is I want more. NightShade by Andrea Cremer was astounding! I can't wait for Wolfsbane.

Calla is a wolf that is about to marry the Alpha that was chosen for her. Ren, the Alpha of the Bane Wolf Pack has always had a wild streak. He does what he wants, when he wants, but as the Union closes in, he must tone it down and commit to Calla.

Calla is the Alpha wolf to the NightShade pack. Both packs must merge after the Union and learn to get along as they form a new pack together. As Ren and Calla get to know each other, they push their packs to do the same. What they never expected was the relationships that would form among them.

In the meantime, a new kid is on the block, and just happens to be related to an important Keeper. Shay is a mere mortal boy who the Keepers have entrusted the wolves to keep safe from harm. As Calla obides by her orders, she comes face to face with the very boy she rescued in the mountains not very long ago.

As she gets to know Shay, not only does she unlock immortal secrets, but is now caught between two hearts.

On the night of the Union, Calla is faced with many decisions, including learning the truth about her very existence. Will Calla be able to choose her hearts desire or will she have to conform to the way things have always been?

I loved NightShade. It was a great read, fast paced and one that will definitely leave you wanting more.

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Reviewed by Paula Phillips from The Phantom Paragrapher

Review : Rooms - James Rubart - April 2010

Rooms by James Rubart was such an amazing story that in parts are both
believable and unbelievable and it goes to show that when God grants Miracles , they can be the impossible or at least fall into the impossible category, as the Bible verse goes "All things are possible , through Christ who strengthen me".

Rooms follows the story of successful businessman Mitch Taylor, who has it
all and has just inherited a house -newly built just for him from his Uncle Archie who has been dead for 10 years. The house is a mansion of sorts and has a room for everything that has ever been important in Mitch's life, the house interior is designed to suit his tastes and if he could ever have had a dream house, then this is it. The downside though,  is it situated at Cannons Beach. A place that Mitch once loved with all his heart until a tragedy happened there when he was 9 years old.

As the story goes on we read as Mitch was a strong christian and that no
matter what he has been through and how far he slipped back on the burner -God has always played such an important role in his life and has cared for him , so much that Mitch starts to experience miracles after miracles occur and many of them seemingly impossible for the human mind to absorb.

It leaves us wondering whether God is really playing with Mitch's mind or
is he starting to show signs of craziness which his Uncle Archie was
infamous for ?

Rooms is a novel that will be suited to all those who have ever travelled
down a different path in their life, one they know they really shouldn't
have gone down but instead they did and it proved to be good for them
whether they became successful , rich and wealthy like Mitch. However ,
the path Mitch chose to enter was one without God and in Rooms we start to witness the real Mitch and what would of happened if he chose God those many moons ago but also a point that Rooms makes is that no matter what has happened , it is never too late to re-enter God's way and mark yourself a place in his Kingdom.

On Page 377 , there is a lovely short poem that sums up Rooms , that I
thought I would share with all you readers out there :

Utterly engulfed,

And wanting more
Buried, Drowned, Intoxicated,
With the vastness of the Love
Losing myself as the waves wash over me,
Through me, Surrounding me,
Caught up in a hurricane of overwhelming peace,
I have let go,
And He has found me.


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