Domestics by Jo Davis is a terrific read.  Two short stories that waste no time getting into the action.

Sarah is married to Keith and severely abused by him.  The day he beat their child Brandy to death,  Sarah's life forever changed.  In a heated rage,  Keith learned exactly what he has put Sarah and Brandy through.

After the death of her husband,  Sarah becomes a counselor for domestic violence.  She helps these abused women in more ways than one. 

The day Rick comes into Sarah's life,  she finds herself attracted to a man after ten years of solitude.  They seem to be a perfect pair,  talking until all hours of the night.

Rick is a Private Investigator and retired police officer.  After the sudden death of his partner,  he vows to prove it was murder.  Little does he know that his new found love is tied into it.

The last short story in this title is Smoke.  Charlie finds himself craving the one thing he is most trying to quit....cigarettes.  While on a plane,  the craving becomes unbearable.  He suddenly finds a cigarette in his belongings that he didn't know he had.

Knowing he had a cigarette made it that much worse.  When he decides to create his own fire,  the airline attendants become worried about what he may be doing in the bathroom.

Lucky for them, there is a Fire Marshall on the plane,  but not so lucky for Charlie.

Davis did a magnificent job with this title.  Full of action from beginning to end,  I loved this book.  I give Domestics *****(5) Stars,  BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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(Picture from RaeBeth McGee's website)

Silenced by Raebeth McGee was a fabulous read.  If you like the book "Speak" you are going to love "Silenced".

Amber Brown spent her entire existence believing that Dave was her father.  When she learns that he is not her biological father,  Amber goes through severe emotional trauma and depression.  She just can't believe her mother has lied to her all this time.

When they move to a new town,  she is consumed by what she calls "the darkness"  and cuts herself to relieve the pain she feels within.  With a hatred toward people and anger towards her mother and Dave,  she feels that cutting is the only way to feel better.

When she finds a friend, Casey, the first day at her new school,  she isn't sure what to think,  let alone trust.  She does give Casey a chance though, unable to shake the feeling that she looks so familiar. 

Casey introduces her to parties,  drugs,  and her new boyfriend Landon.  In the midst of it all,  Amber wants to find her real dad,  and he may be closer than she thinks.

Follow Amber through her trials,  overcoming depression and cutting,  and the discovery of love and life.

Silenced was an excellent read with a great eye opener to the world of cutting.  This is a serious action among many teenagers today,  and lets us into a world of what may actually be going through one's mind with this type of behavior.

I give Slienced ***** (5) Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams". http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Love Triumphs by Myrna Caudill is a great read with an attention grabbing plot from beginning to end.  Perfect for any murder/mystery fan.

Jake Mallory is a detective with the Eagletown Police Department.  When his partner was killed in the line of duty,  Jake blames himself,  wondering what he could have done differently. 

Full of turmoil,  Jake pushes everyone he cares about away,  including the love of his life Gem.  Unable to find Gem after she leaves, he is left with self doubt and constant nightmares of that dreadful night.

Two years later,  Gem shows up on his doorstep,  tired,  skinny,  and with a baby in her arms.  Jake doesn't doubt the baby is his and is flooded with feelings he still has for Gem.

Caught in a murder case with very little clues,  Jake tries to support Gem and baby Josh,  while pursuing a murderer.  The problem is that Jake has hurt Gem, and he isn't sure she will ever be able to forgive him.

Will love triumph in the end?  Find out in Caudill's newest mystery/romance novel - Love Triumphs (the title says it all).

Caudill did a fantastic job in Love Triumphs.  This is one title that will have you rooting for love and conquering of the bad guys.  I give Love Triumphs *****(5) Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

Love Triumphs will be releasing this Spring 2010.  Watch for details.

Author Bio: After pursuing a career as an accountant, Girl Scout professional, and tax preparer I decided to try my dream – write a novel. Life’s experiences have provided ample material for writing. My first novel “Cold Case Fallout” has been published as three short stories. “Joshua Came Home at Last,” Joshua Embraces America” and Love at First Sight”.

Visit her website today: Myrna R. Caudill

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Adult Content : Rated A/S/L/M

Prince's Donor by Sindee Lynn was the perfect mix of fantasy and romance!  This is one title that is sure to leave you yearning for more.

Jenna James is a young woman living in Washington.  She is a bit shy,  overweight,  and has a self image issue.  Having never been with a man,  she longs to be loved,  and fantasizes about her first encounter.

Now that Vampires have become legal,  and the world has accepted that there is another race other than humans living among them,  Jenna joins the new Donor Database.

Having been put down by co-workers and her mother,  she decides this is a decision that is long overdue to be made on her own terms.  Hoping that she can become a donor for a Vampire,  she waits to be chosen while the years pass.

Just when she was ready to pull her name from the database,  her dreams come true when a handsome,  mysterious Vampire knocks on her door.  Sure he has the wrong door,  she opens it,  and to her surprise he asks for her by name.

Unable to speak,  and unaware that he can read her thoughts,  she comes to realize that this Vampire is in desperate need to feed his animal instincts.

What she never expected was this gorgeous Vampire was the Prince of all Vampires,  and he wants her to be his donor.  Syrian,  the Prince,  is taken by surprise at his feelings that overwhelm him about Jenna,  coming to realize that he cannot live without his "Sweet Jenna".

Lynn did a fantastic job writing Prince's Donor.  I found myself not wanting to put this title down until I got to the end,  and wanting more when I did. 

There are many woman like Jenna in today's society,  searching and hoping to find a love like Jenna and Syrian's.  This was a wonderful book and I do hope to see much more from Sindee Lynn.  Magnificent writer!

I give Prince's Donor ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Daddy's Tavern by Curtis E. Gibson is a phenomenal read!  Well defined plot taking you right into the story.

Mary McCammon has a good life with a good husband.  They enjoy the finer things until the day Darryl loses his job and joins the Navy.  Now left alone to fend for herself, Mary is overcome with loneliness.

She turns to wine, liquor, and other men.  After one encounter with the owner of a tavern across the street named Mel,  she finds herself pregnant.

Lenny was a quiet boy,  abused by his mother and her men.  He is dirty and picked on by his school mates.  Finding a friend in Boche,  who always protects him,  he wishes to be more like him. He also longs for the day his Dad would come home from the Navy.

When that day finally arrives,  Lenny's life is turned upside down.  When both of his parents die,  he has nowhere else to turn.  Mel,  the tavern owner is certain that Lenny is his boy and takes him in.  Lenny runs errands and cleans the tavern for his keep.  He learns from Mel, not knowing that he is actually his father.

After Lenny is drafted into the service,  he returns a different man.  He is clean and smart.  He has big hopes of becoming a business owner just like Mel.

When another tragedy hits Lenny,  he falls back into that boy that was dirty and shy,  never meaning nobody any harm.  That is, until he meets Rachel.  Does Lenny finally find the love he so longs for?

Daddy's Tavern is a very descriptive read set in the 60's.  Lenny is a character that you are sure to fall in love with.  Gibson does a magnificent job holding the readers attention,  having you rooting for Lenny and hoping he rises above all the bad in his life.

I give Daddy's Tavern *****(5)Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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*Contains Adult Content Rated A/S/L/V/M*

And Again....Let Me Say This by B. Swangin Webster was a fantastic read!  Webster says it all in her opening pages:

"I wrote this book, not as a public service announcement, but as entertainment, but somehow it has turned into something so much more. It tackles hard social issues, like self esteem, or the lack thereof. It tackles domestic violence and how people may suspect something but not say anything. It tackles friendship and how much a true friend may or
may not know about a particular situation and what their reaction is to it. If we know someone in this type of situation, we must, as a society, get involved, by making a phone call, or leaving a pamphlet or just listening. Remember Cheryl could be you, or it could be me, or it could be your sister, or even your brother (yes, it happens to men also) but most
importantly, it could be your parents."

This title is the follow up to "Let Me Just Say This".  It is a title though that you can get by without reading the first book,  and still know what is going on.

Cheryl is a woman with many self image problems.  She is divorced from Kevin, who beat her on a regular basis, and continues to extend his anger, and his hands to Cheryl and her children.

Cheryl has recently been dating Mathew,  who not only loves her,  but wants to help her to stand up for herself.  In trying to do so,  he finds himself arrested,  and frustrated as Cheryl keeps making excuses for Kevin's actions.

Mathew also has his own issues to deal with,  one being his ex-wife Sherrie and their daughter Shania.

When Cheryl's daughter Kayla starts acting out with extremely negative behavior,  Kevin blames Cheryl and her new lover Mathew.  When Kevin tries to lay his hands on Cheryl in a heated screaming match,  Mathew ends up in a fight with him. 

Cheryl is a very confused woman,  only wanting to find someone to love her for her.  Her story is an emotional roller coaster ride,  and one of self discovery.

The plot of this story was very mesmerizing.  There are many woman out there like Cheryl and we have seen it in society many times.  All the characters tie together in some form,  and without giving too much away,  it amazes me the irony of how they relate.

I loved Cheryl and Matthew.  I was rooting for them during the entire story.

The only problem I had with this title was that all the characters were written in the first person.  Sometimes it got a little confusing as to who was actually speaking.  The astericks let you know when there would be a character change,  but when they were remembering the past,  the switch was a little sudden. 

Webster did a great job with the storyline itself and I hope she will be writing another book in this saga.  I give it ****(4) Stars,  BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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Let Me Just Say This ; And Again....Let Me Say This

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