Wild Blackberries by Lorrie Unites-Struiff was a fantastic short story.  From the first sentence I knew it was going to be a 'do not put down until finished' tale.

Morgan is doing research on an Indian Reservation for her new novel.  In the midst of her research she is also trying to finalize a divorce with her husband who drained her bank account and her patience.

When Morgan awakes in the trunk of a car,  she searches her memory of what happened.  When her captor,  who just happens to be her husband,  tries killing her,  Morgan must outsmart him while confronting the spirit world of the reservation.  Is her mind playing tricks on her,  or is seeing really believing?

Find out in this fast paced short story,  Wild Blackberries.  Struiff holds nothing back on suspense and thrills.

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I give it ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Review : Wickford High : The Revelation - Karen Fuller -2010

Sometimes it's the small publishing companies that release the awesome
books to read , the ones that give unknown authors a chance to shine, to make their mark on the world.

Author Karen Fuller is one of those authors , she has just released a new
series called Wickford High - it is set in a community, a small town
-where the majority of the families have some kind of Supernatural power - it reminded me a bit of the Television Show "The Gates".
When we read it , we are introduced to the main star of the book Vicky ,
after her mum passed away her dad and her have moved to the town her mother grew up in and now Vicky is attending a school where odd things are happening.

We are first introduced to Luke Wolfburn , with his extensive hearing
skills and abilities to move fast and his parents own a great restaurant
-any guesses what Luke is ?

To Sara - a black magic witch who has been scaring all the students off
and nobody crosses with Sara unless they wish to be cursed for eternity.
Sara and Vicky get off to a bad start but when Sara confronts Vicky , it
seems Sara is about to get alot more than she bargained for . Who is Vicky and what is she exactly and how is she connected to a small town she's never visited or heard of before ?

Looking forward to Book #2 : Wickford High -Furiously Tempted

For more Information Head to :
http://knightromancepublishing.com or http://karenfullerauthor.webs.com

Rating - 4.5/5 Stars :)

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Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Are you a fan of the Occult , love watching all those horror shows and TV
Shows in the tradition of Ghost Whisperer , Supernatural, Medium , Hex,
X-Files , The Mentalist and The Gates ?

If so, then put down whatever you are doing as today's book is right up
your alley.

Review : The Occult Files of Albert Taylor - Derek Muk - 2009

Every Hunter needs to have his own casebook and files as we all learnt
from watching the Winchester Boys on Supernatural , something that details their sightings , events and cases they solve.

Meet Albert Taylor , he is an Anthropology Professor at the local
university who has an odd but intriguing job on the side. He investigates
Supernatural cases that involve a series of odd creatures from Ghosts,
Cults , Jack the Ripper and more.

The Occult files of Albert Taylor is a collection of 11 Case Files of jobs
that he has done . Some of the stories are the kind of supernatural events that you expect from Case #1 : Asylum - A story about a haunted mental institution , the ghost - a patient who went on a hacking killing spree.

This plot line is a tale that has been used numerous of times and contains many different versions , others are more interesting with Case Study #2 Competition - A Hawaiian Vampire .

Each Case file is 15-20 pages long and are written as a collection of
Short Stories. At first I wondered how The Occult Files of Albert Taylor
was going to be different than anything I have read before , but he has
impressed me by keeping each case exciting and in parts a tad gruesome and enjoyable as each case involves a Skeptic and fellow group members of Albert Taylor's Paranormal Activity Group.

The Occult Files of Albert Taylor is a must-read for all those who love to
sit awake at night and scare themselves with tales of ghost stories and
horror. This is not a book for those with weak hearts , afraid of the
dark, cover their hands when something scary is on TV and regularly check under their beds and wardrobes for boogey monsters and yes Case Study #7 involves "The Boogeyman" who has a liking for Asians.

Learn More About This Author - Derek Muk

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The Wielder of the Sengans by C.V. Huffstead was truly a story of good vs. evil.  Captivating and leaving you wanting more.

Haran,  The Watcher,  continually sings praise to the Most High.  She battles the dark forces continually keeping them encrusted in the Earth.  Illfaeyan is a young lord who's heart was consumed by the darkness.  Haran helped to fight the battle that locked Illfaeyan behind fire,  keeping his darkness at bay.  Illfaeyan never gave up hope of being set free though.

Haran walked the Earth,  travelling to different lands singing her praise when she finds an infant.  Raising this infant as her own,  she knew there was something special about her,  but she never dreamed that Eliah would eventually take her place in God's plan.

When Haran realizes that Eliah is in fact the one who will replace her,  she sings her departure as Eliah unknowingly awakens the darkness of Illfaeyan.  Eliah was pushed into the dark forest,  and now faces the battle against evil,  as it is now her place to send Illfaeyan back to the Earth.

Assisted by the last of the Great Silver Wolves,  Eliah faces the battle of her life while she learns her destiny.

Huffstead did a great job with this tale.  Fast paced and leaving you wanting to find out what happens next,  I give The Wielders of the Sengans **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

Learn More About This Author - C.V. Huffstead

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Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Enemies and Playmates - Darcia Helle - 2009

Enemies and Playmates before I start readers is suitable to an audience of 18 and over as the issues that it covers can be quite heartening and
anyone younger may not be able to A) Understand or B) cope with the book and continue to read past the pages.

The book starts out all nice and innocent , well innocent enough with
Lauren and her two friends Carrie and Gina out clubbing and shaking thy
bootays , when a handsome hunk catches Lauren's eye Jesse Ryder - PI.
As they start talking it seems that Jesse works a bit of freelance for
Lauren's lawyer dad Alex. Lauren tries to shake off the feeling that they
shouldn't be together but it doesn't stick , has Lauren finally met her
dream guy ? . Lauren should be over the moon, but things on the home front are not all lollipops and rainbows as we discover an abusive household environment . Lauren's hotshot Lawyer dad Alex hits his wife Kara and their son Stephen, as the story progresses we see Lauren and Jesse's relationship progress and strengthen as they overcome a series of complicated obstacles , this is the amazing love part where true love can render all. The sad and discerning parts are that we witness Lauren's brother Stephen committing Suicide and then it being covered up , Lauren's father Alex having multiple affairs and finding out about his dark secrets and what he is capable of.

Enemies and Playmates is a story that shows us that no matter what bad stuff happen, their is always a light at the end of the tunnel even if at the time it doesn't feel like it.

Enemies and Playmates , is such an amazing read that if you can stomach abusiveness and domestic violence then this is a definite must-read to add to your list of books to read.

4.5/5 Stars


BK Walker Book
Review by Paula Phillips

Review : Unholy Embrace - Neil Benson -2010

A popular storyline lately has been the tale of the mortal/vampire love
story and the majority of them have ended up writing the male as a Vampire and the female as the lovestruck mortal. One thing that I really liked in Neil Benson's book is that he decided to use gender reversed roles and make the male the lovestruck mortal and the female the Vampire. Having it this way, was a nice change for once.

The story starts when Frank and Nessa are out on a date and are attacked by Werewolves, the attack causes Nessa to extract her fangs and go all-vampirey , something that Frank hasn't really experienced before. From then on , we are transported back to the beginning -where they first met and how their relationship started and of course how they reached the point in the story.

What follows is Nessa explaining and opening her 400yr old heart to Frank and telling her story on how she became a Vampire starting in Hungary all the way to her travels via Vienna and Paris to the Present time in New York.  We read as the Werewolves attacks are just the beginning as Nessa has been on the run nearly 400 years and has been tracked by Narice - the vampire lover of the Vampire who turned Nessa and in return Nessa Killed out of vengeance.

When Frank realises the consequences and danger of being with Nessa , can he stand strong and embrace the unholiness of being with a Vampire or will he take the white feather coward option out and leave Nessa to follow a path of a normal life ?

An excellent story that shows readers in a paranormal and supernatural way that no matter what happens and how terrifying obstacles can be - love between not only mortals but mortals and supernaturals can stick together and overcome anything.


4/5 Stars

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The Macgregor's Daughter by Dee Julian was a fantastic read!  From page one I was enthralled with this title. 

When a man washes up on shore to the island that Dreya Macgregor lives on,  she is certain she has seen him before.  Blind and without memory,  Dreya and Edwina nurse the man back to health.   Unsure of how he is still alive,  he finds himself fighting for his memories and his heart.

Dreya never expected to be fighting for her own heart,  when she realizes that this man is Lucian Adams,  the very man that she once held at gun point.  At her recognition of Lucian,  she has him thrown into the castle's dungeon for fear he might recognize her as well.

With the help of a friend and Dreya's cousin,  Derek Reed helps Lucian regain his memory and escape back to England,  where he intends to turn Ethan Macgregor,  Dreya's father,  in for treason.  When faced with the King,  he finds he cannot betray the Macgregor's or the woman he now realizes he loves.  Relieved of his duties to the King,  Lucian learns that another pirate,  and the man that almost killed him is sent to retrieve Macgregor.  Fearing for the woman he loves,  he heads back to Dragons Breath Castle to save Dreya and her father.

Will Dreya return his love or will she have him hung?  Most importantly,  will Lucian even make it back to the island before the pirates aboard 'The Predator' can do the King's bidding?  Find out in this fascinating tale,  The Macgregor's Daughter.

Julian did a great job in this historical romance.  Chocked full of suspense and romance,  this is one title you won't want to miss.  Enticing,  exciting,  and a page turner to the end.

I give The Macgregor's Daughter ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.

Learn more about this author - Dee Julian

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