Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Hidden - Shelley Shepard Gray -2010
Book One : Sisters of the Heart Series
4.5 Stars

Hidden covers a storyline that we hear about so often that in our hearts
it aches just hearing about it , it also talks about the lives of an Amish
community.  Acts 1v8 reads "When the holy spirit comes to you, you will recieve power. you will be my witnesses".

Hidden tells the story of Anna , a young girl who has been pushed to the
decision to leave her abusive boyfriend Rob , a charming guy who has his
friends, family fooled by his facade. Desperate to escape a love gone
horribly wrong, Anna runs to the only place where she feels safe - her
friend Katie's family's Bed and Breakfast right in the heart of Amish

As time gets on, Anna finds herself slowly relaxing and getting into the
groove of life as an Amish . and she has also developed feelings for
Katie's brother Henry. When the time comes for Anna to stop hiding , will
she return to the city and live her life in a similar tradition than she
did before or will her heart yearn for the life that she experienced while
being Amish ? We read as Anna is forced to make the challenging and
heart-wrenching decision that can change her life forever - Will she deny
who she really is and will her one chance at a life of happiness and peace
once again be stolen with the help of her past ?.

Find out in this riveting and heart-wrenching Christian novel that in some
ways follows the traditions of The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverley
Lewis and Montana Sky by Nora Roberts.


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