L.A. Boneyard by P.A. Brown is absolutely astounding!  If you're a murder and mystery fan you are surely going to love this book!  Captivating from start to finish,  it's a must read!

David Eric Laine is a homicide detective of the Northeast Community Police Department in Los Angeles.  When two bodies turn up in a local park,  Detective Laine begins his pursuit to find the killer, with his new homicide partner Jairo Hernandez.

With no clues as to who these women are, and a new partner, this case proves to bring chaos into David's life.  As the investigation pursues,  his partner shows increased interest,  more than in just the case at hand.

When a third murder almost kills David's life partner, Chris,  Chris is sent away on business.  In the days of Chris's absence,  Jairo becomes more persistent in his advances.  David struggles with his morality and desires, trying to maintain professional boundaries while trying to solve these murders.

Trying to keep the investigation the main focus,  the only clue into these deaths are dental work and tattoos all the deceased possess.  When they narrow down there search to claim identities,  they uncover a smuggling and prostitution ring with a surprising twist.

L.A. Boneyard is phenomenal! Full of suspense, murder, mystery and even explicit sex,  Brown left nothing out!  What more could you ask for in one book?  I strongly recommend this book and I believe Brown could possibly be the next J.D. Robb.  I think we can expect to see much more from P.A. Brown.  I loved this read and I give L.A. Boneyard *****1/2 (5.5) Stars~BK Walker from BK Walker Books, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Review by BK Walker - Neglected Neurons by Adam Graupe is a fabulous collection of unique short stories.  A strange, but quick read with added humor you are sure to love.

The Wood Tick - annoying co-workers and technology mishaps.  ~Great read!

The Gorilla - we all get annoyed with DMV's. If only there was a way to simply mess up their days as well. ~Humorous!

Cleopatra - sometimes when you do nice things,  people get carried away and demand more.  Just when you've had enough,  you're left feeling "like a heel". ~Sometimes we all need a little patience.  Magnificent reminder!

Twelve Years - dead end jobs and seemingly slave drivers.  ~Makes you wonder how people do it. Very relatable.

Eight Minutes - sometimes on the job it's best to just do what needs to be done and appease people. ~Funny!

If Shakespeare Were Alive Today - when you get fed up and just don't care,  that's when you finally get a break. ~Awesome!

The Raisin - road rage at an extreme.  ~Fabulous!

The Glitter Queen - cold weather, irrate co-workers and viewing things out of the ordinary.  ~Wow!

Leroy - drinking,  a disgruntled deer,  a hunter's prize and leaving a legacy.  ~Unique!

I Met A Writer - from one writers way of thinking to another.  ~Splendid!

The Man In The Orange Suit - mental illness is sometimes inspiring. ~Excellent!

The IFPA - scam emails leave one individual unknowingly breaking the law.  ~Stupendous!

Graupe did a magnificent job in this collection.  Neglected Neurons is a book like no other!  If you love short stories then this is a book for you!  I give it ****1/2 (4.5) Stars ~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK Walker Books.  Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams". http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Review by BK Walker
- Clara Layten: The Chelsea Murders by Joseph Frank Baraba is a fantastic read!  Murder and mystery fans will love it.

Steve Wilton is a Detective in the 10th Precinct.  His job is on the line when his Aunt Clara and her cat Tiger move in with him.

Clara is continually interfering with police business as she tries to gather clues from a serial killer's crimes.  She plays the "forgetful old lady" when Steve asks her to mind her own business and butt out,  but Clara may have found the break in the case the Detective needs with evidence to bring these killings to an end.

A cross between Murder She Wrote and The Pink Panther - Baraba brings the humor and mystery together in The Chelsea Murders.  This is a read you're not going to want to miss.  I give it ****1/2 (4.5) Stars, ~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK Walker Books.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Surviving the '70s in Small-Town USA by Roland and Gwen Higginbotham was a great read! If you are from this time era, be prepared to be taken down memory lane. 

Robby Hendricks lived in a small town with his family. They lived below the poverty level and struggled to keep food on the table. The stresses that come with being unable to provide for your family makes home life, at times, unbearable.

Follow Robby through his hardships inflicted by an abusive father, to trouble in school, finding love, dealing and using drugs, losses to death, and the road he took to make his way back to a healthier life.

The Higginbothams did a spectacular job of telling this tale. It was definitely like being taken back in time to what you have already experienced and know to be true of fact. 

You will find Robby's life to be very close to many people we know or even ourselves have experienced.  It truly is like a flashback.  I loved how there were World Happenings listed with each chapter for each year through the '70s. Fantastic! 

I give this book ****1/2 (4.5) Stars!

~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK Walker Books

Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams"

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Roland and Gwen Higginbotham

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Review by BK Walker
- Addiction by Sandra K. Marshall is one of the best books I've come across this year!  A must read for those that love a true murder and mystery.

Jolene Dubois is a recovering alcoholic.  As she struggles to remain free from the bottle,  she is surrounded by other addictions of gambling and sex.

Jake Farrell has been hired as head of security at Odyssey Casino,  and Jolene is one of the owners.  She finds herself drawn to him more than just as his employer.  When Jolene becomes the 'addiction' of a serial killer,  Jake swears to protect her never expecting to fall in love with her. 

Marshall has created a phenomenal plot as we watch Jake and Jolene try to deny their feelings for each other,  while the killer gets closer and closer with each passing day.  They may even find the killer is closer to home than anyone ever expected.

An addicting read full of suspense, emotion,  and erotic sex.  Addiction is a definite page turner that you won't want to put down until the mystery is solved.  I highly recommend this book and think we will be seeing  much more from Sandra K. Marshall.  I give it ***** (5) Stars, ~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer from BK Walker Books. http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Review by BK Walker - Skinning a Cat: A Baby Boomer's Guide to the New Retiree Lifestyles by Joan Fitting Scott is just what the Baby Boomer's of America need.  Very resourceful and extremely helpful.

It is closing in on the time when Baby Boomer's will be retiring.  Some may fear retirement,  some may be unsure of what the next step in life should be,  and some may,  just be clueless.

Look no further,  help is in the pages of Skinning a Cat: A Baby Boomer's Guide to the New Retiree Lifestyles.  Scott did a wonderful job providing steps to planning and living a retired lifestyle.  The resources you need are in this book,  for anyone planning their future.  Not just for the Baby Boomer's,  I see this book being around for a very long time.  Excellent resource!  I give it ****1/2 (4.5) Stars ~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK Walker Books.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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I have been contemplating suicide for quite some time now. The time is near. Time to take away the physical aspect of this wretched, decaying soul. How do I want to die? Will it be painful? What way will I do it? I know that for all things that breathe, death is imminent. I also know that I don't want to continue living anymore. I must find a way to take my life that will achieve my desired results. I can't settle for something quick and easy. I want to suffer, feel pain. So I must acquire some victims. Help them die. Persuade them using different suicide methods to find out which one pleases and satisfies me the most. There are plenty of people out here who suffer the same types of anguish and pain. When the method is found, I will kill myself…

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Review by BK Walker: Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi is brilliant! Christi does a phenomenal detail bringing two love stories full circle to one extraordinary outcome.

The Ghost Orchid is an endangered and rarely seen flower.  There has been a sighting of one in a swamp found in the Florida Everglades.  Christi has created an amazing plot as we watch how two separate love stories intertwine and the Ghost Orchid's magic brings them both to an unexpecting connection and meaningful conclusion.

In search of the 'one' great capture on film,  Roger Andrew and Neev are brought together on assignment for National Geographic.  In the jungle of South Africa,  they find adventure and passion.  While their love grows no farther than the assignment they are on,  a deeply profound and true friendship does.

Neev,  never knowing her real family,  searches to resolve anger and the empty hole in her soul.  Roger stands by her as a true friend should and as we see the other love story of Mel and Jack unfold,  Neev is led to the answers she so desperately seeks.

Ghost Orchid is a must read.  I can't say enough about this title.  Christi's style will definitely leave you feeling the magic.  I give it ***** (5) Stars, ~BK Walker - Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books, http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com.

Copyright BK Walker Books - 2009
"All I know is in this moment."  …D. K. Christi

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Matt Lucas, a lawyer who has devoted his professional life to obtaining justice for women and children in a rural community, is in the process of retiring and relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico, when he is called upon to assist Linda Lawson, an award-winning San Diego reporter, in a seemingly routine investigation of an incident of domestic violence that has taken place in Maidu County in the Mother Lode Country of Northern California. Their investigative assignment quickly transforms into a suspenseful mystery that plunges the reader into the worlds of domestic violence, child abuse, corruption, and judicial cover-up. As they begin to find answers, they are trapped in a deadly game in which they have become the hunted. Holding tight to their mission, they follow a twisting path that leads to the secrets behind the killings and a deeper understanding of themselves. Readers will be stunned by the surprise conclusion.

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Review of Out of Balance : Out of Balance by Michael Arkin was absolutely outstanding.  Arkin did a miraculous job writing this novel,  detailing just what can happen when the judicial system goes "dirty".  Out of Balance is in the setting of today,  which I loved about this title.

As an astute lawyer fights for the rights of women and children in domestic violence and child abuse cases,  Arkin shows just how hard work can be made out as an exasperated waste of time.

When a crooked judge continually rules the cases that come before him favoring the abuser,  Mathew Lucas is at his wit's end.  When a few murders occur as a result of this particular judge's faulty and unjust rulings,  it draws the attention of an award winning journalist.

Linda Lawson works for the Times in Sacramento California.  She is on vacation when she receives a mysterious letter informing her of the increased domestic violence, child abuse, and deaths encouraging her to investigate.  She teams up with Matt Lucas and they investigate into the violence of Maidu County.  The closer they get to the truth,  trouble stirs themselves and others in danger.

Arkin portrays great transitioning as he introduces his characters.  He does a fantastic job keeping the suspense on the surface as the story opens,  keeping you yearning for more.  As you are indulged to keep guessing as to how the story will unfold,  the ending will definitely be a surprise to you.

Out of Balance by Michael Arkin is masterfully written and I definitely would recommend this book.  Arkin did a magnificent job keeping the enthusiasm from the beginning to the end.  I give it ****½ (4.5) Stars ~BK Walker - Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com.  
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 Detective Buddy get's a call to help solve a new case. Detective Buddy and the Case of the Missing Football takes Buddy and the rest of the characters looking for a lost football. Will Buddy be able to close the case, or will the football be lost forever?

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Henry is a fun-loving Hippo who loves to play at Sunnyside Park. On the way to the park, Henry runs in to his friends and they decide to play hide-and-go-seek. But Henry is afraid he�ll be the first one found. Henry always seems to take too long or can�t find the right spot. Will Henry find that perfect spot to hide or will he be the first one found again? Come and read about Henry�s day at the park to find out what happens!
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Alex Fox and his family have moved to a new town called Friendsville. Alex finds it hard to make new friends, because he is very shy and nervous. He wishes he was back in Fish Creek, where all of his friends live. Chloe, Bella and Scotty are best friends, who make their way to meet the new kid in town.

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