This book isn't exactly what I thought it was going to be,  but it was a great tale.  I think I was expecting more of a direct approach to conscious dreaming.  What it is though, is a memoir if you will,  of Alysa's own experience as she learns the Native American techniques to conscious dreaming.  It follows Alysa's teachings with the help of her guide and mentor, Running Deer.

Her experiences as she learns Shamanism is incredible.  From her first dream to reaching the second reality,  it was amazing to realize the actual meanings behind her dreams.  The course of recognizing and facing your fears,  some of which you don't even realize you have.  Alysa did a great job explaining her journey and it's a great guide to follow to recognizing the meaning behind your own dreams.

The journey doesn't stop at lucid dreaming,  but also includes spiritual healing as well.  If you are interested in conscious dreaming and the road traveled to reach totality,  then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

I give The Sorcerer's Dream **** (4) Stars.  Well done Alysa.

Learn more at www.dreamshield.nl

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Twilight and Darkness by Jamel Dubois was absolutely
outstanding!  This is a must read for any fan of murder and mystery!

Dubois did a superb job in this compilation of short stories
and really knows how to keep that pique of interest alive.

Bring Me the Head of Kathleen Sullivan ̶ A gruesome murder of a very generous woman with a surprise ending. ~Excellent read! Fabulous and very unexpected ending! I loved this story!

Frequent Flyer ̶ When a personal assistant is greeted at the airport by the wrong person, Thomas Wannamaker's life is turned upside down, along with his business. ~Great read! I loved the cops' secret codes and how they finally obtain the murderer.
Brilliant plot!

Dominoes ̶ When the stress of economical hardship is too much
to bare, murder becomes the only answer. ~Awesome! The plot was very relatable to today's society, though most of us would not turn to murder.

Guitar and Heartstrings ̶ Rocky Moune forms a band called the
Moon Pie. They travel from gig to gig, picking up new members
as they go. When Rocky marries the new lead singer, things start
to change. Bud, Rocky's best friend likes Marcy, as she wants to
use the songs he wrote for the band's new sound. The band gets
bigger and Rocky gets more under the "Rock Star" influence of
drugs and alcohol. ~Bravo! This story is a great plot of getting
caught up in the band life, love, betrayal and death. I even found
myself angry with Marcy on Bud's behalf.

SeaDogs Burialsat sea become a blanket for other crimes,
igniting a spark in Detective Bailey's gut. Unable to let it
go, Bailey investigates SeaDogs operations until he finds all the
answers to his suspicions. ~Phenomenal read! Full of
excitement and constant second guessing!

The Taking of Kaitlyn Peck ̶ When a young girl's been
abducted, the family is forced to leave the police in the dark as
they desperately fear for the their daughter's safe return home.
Police never give up that easily though, and the search begins.
~Fantastic! The plot played out as expected with an unexpected
twist. I would have never imagined where they would find Kaitlyn.

The Husband Hunter ̶ When a husband drains the bank accounts
and runs, Marlene Tucker begins the hunt. Running out of money
and options, she finally finds Phillip Tucker in South Africa, and
maybe the answers to why he left with all their money.  ~Magnificent read with a shocking ending! Leaves you rooting
for the underdog.

Storm Clouds and Blue Skies ̶ When unaccounted flight times
show up on the flight logs, and airline business partner is forced
to sing like a canary to reveal a murderer. ~Great plot with lots of
page turning mystery!

A Day at the Zoo ̶ The love of Roger Turpin's life returns with
demands for murder. In hopes of reclaiming their love, will Roger
follow through with his plans? ~Wonderful! Murder and mystery fans will love this story with a breath-taking ending!

Out of Focus When ̶ Robert Elkton's pride was hurt as a
teenager, his life became driven by revenge. Back home for his
forty-year high school reunion, Robert plots his revenge and
hopes to get away with murder. ~Exciting and a definite pageturner!

Streetwalker's Price ̶ an elderly man gets accused of being a bum
and his life is threatened. When the woman that holds Joseph
Abernathy at gunpoint realizes her mistake she tries paying him
off. Joseph cannot be bought so easily, she learns all too quickly.
~Stupendous! I loved this story and the humor that Dubois brought with it. Joseph Abernathy is a very smart man.

Twilight and Darkness was resplendent and I did not want to put
this book down. I would definitely recommend this book and I
give it ***** (5) Stars. ~B.K. Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK
Walker Books, http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

Copyright BK Walker Books
First of all I just love this cover. It's a beautiful portrayal of what is between the pages. The book itself, I loved too. Betty wrote as if she was actually sitting at a kitchen table chatting over coffee, telling you the story of her life, and all the blessings that come with it. From finding her true love in high school, the ups and downs that were presented to marrying him when they both thought they would never be together again, to the birth of her children, getting her dream ho ...more First of all I just love this cover. It's a beautiful portrayal of what is between the pages. The book itself, I loved too. Betty wrote as if she was actually sitting at a kitchen table chatting over coffee, telling you the story of her life, and all the blessings that come with it. From finding her true love in high school, the ups and downs that were presented to marrying him when they both thought they would never be together again, to the birth of her children, getting her dream home, and ending with the question, "What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

There was humor where at times I found myself laughing with Betty and times that she truly moved me and I found myself feeling so proud of her. This wasn't a book of preaching the gospel, but of pure inspiration. Betty has made herself available at the end of her book should anyone have any questions, or feel led to accept Jesus into their lives. I love how Living Inside The Testimony was written and I think Betty has accomplished what she has set out to do....simply to share and inspire. Well done Betty!

Learn more about this author at www.livinginsidethetestimony.com

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Reviewed by Paula Phillips from The Phantom Paragrapher.

5 star Review

Review: Sister - Rosamund Lupton- November 2010

Want an amazing and heartfelt story to read, one that takes you on and into a journey of the true meaning of sisterhood, where age-gaps and different personalities don't change a thing. They say the bond of sisters is unimaginable and unbreakable and that no matter what happens they will
always stand by one another despite their up's and downs and their heated arguments or as the book Sister by Rosamund Lupton calls them "discussions".

Sister is the first book by Rosamund Lupton and after reading it, I know
that it will be hugely successful and that if she continues to write her
novels in the same tradition as Sister, then it won't be too long before
she becomes a household name.  Rosamund Lupton has already been described by the publishers as a mixture between Alice Sebold, author of the popular book "The Lovely Bones" and Sophie Hannah, author of "The Wrong Mother".

Both are authors that I have read everything ever written by them both.
However, after reading Sister I would have thought appropriate to compare her as award-winning author Jodi Picoult meets Paullina Simons. Thus because it had the feel of Jodi Picoult's legal side and family values and it read a lot like Paullina Simons books "The Girl in Times Square and Red Leaves".

Sister by Rosamund Lupton is an emotional and at times chilling tale of a
sister's disappearance and the events surrounding that lead up to her
untimely death.  Days after Tess - Beatrice's little sister goes missing,
she receives a phone call from her mother saying that her sister hasn't
turned up. Bee hops on the next flight home, hoping to hear positive news.

What she does find is that her sister has turned up dead face down in the snow. Her death is ruled as a simple suicide, but Bee knows that her
sister would not have committed suicide. We read as Bee starts to piece
together the life of Tess, which will open many doors and prove to be a
difficult time for Bee as she starts discovering things her sister had
hidden from her. Of course, the real cause of Tess's death is out there
and as Bee starts to close in, things start to get edgy as Bee finds
herself in true danger and if she's not careful, then she too may meet her
untimely death.  Sister is a novel that will keep you hanging on to the
edge of your seat and once you pick it up , you won't want to put down
until you have reached the very last page and then you will be sitting
there grasping for more . Thank goodness, the author has included a
Reader's discussion guide and a quick sneak peek into her new novel
"Afterwards" - One book that is definitely going on my must-read list.

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Dream Bigger by Julie Wise is a great book to explore self recognition,  finding ones dreams,  realizing you have the potential to unlock the doors in your path.

Learning a little bit about Julie's struggles along the way,  and how she overcame them,  Julie teaches you how you can realize your dreams and successfully reach them.

We all have the potential to open the doors to our destined paths,  it's just that most of us don't know how,  or even what our destiny is or what our dreams are.

In Dream Bigger,  Julie takes you on a self recognition journey,  teaching you how to unleash the power within yourself to reach your dreams,  and even how to realize what your dreams are through her included exercises.

My favorite quote that I took from her book is,  "I seem to have to go through a breakdown right before a breakthrough." 

How many of us feel like this?  Or that we are always faced with obstacles?  Julie will teach you how to face these obstacles head on,  deal with them and move on in the steps to reaching your dreams.

Included are some inspirational stories of those that have figured out what their dreams were,  and either reached them or are in the process of being well on their way.

The book is well formatted,  with exercises,  links,  and even links to downloadable pdf's to help keep you organized and on track.

Wise did a fantastic job with Dream Bigger and I give it ***** (5) Stars.  BK Walker

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
The Sorcerer's Songs by Kiki Howell is a book that will have you still thinking about it long after you've finished reading it. 

Adam is struggling within himself,  in search of acceptance,  stability and love.  When he learns that he possesses the same magic within himself that supposedly killed his mother,  he vows to protect the ones he loves. 

Leaving the only life he's ever known behind,  he leaves his farm,  his best friend Pete,  and the love of his life Stacey in order to keep them safe from his magic. 

Playing gigs from bar to bar,  seeking the only thing that can keep him from feeling lonely if only for a night,  he uses his magic on woman to help them acknowledge what they are already feeling,  and keep him company.

When he decides its time to go home,  he swears he would never use his magic on those he loves.   When he runs into Stacey,  it stirs up old feelings that never died,  between both of them.  Stacey demands answers as to why he left and Adam struggles to find the courage to tell her the truth.  Will he tell Stacey his secret?  If he does will she accept it?

The Sorcerer's Songs was absolutely beautiful.  I don't know if it's because I first listened to the CD,  Weathervanes,  written and composed by Steven Howell, and the whole inspiration for the book,  but this book is truly moving.  Kiki has implemented songs from the CD into the book,  with such a description and connection to the story itself that you are literally moved by the words she's written.  I do know because I listened to the CD,  I was able to imagine Adam actually singing the words as they sound on the album,  placing myself right in the scene.

I also know I found myself struggling right along with Adam,  hoping that he will decide to tell his loved ones everything and that it wouldn't be a mistake in the end.  A true battle of magic vs love.  I loved it.

I give The Sorcerer's Songs ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker

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Reviewed by Daniel Dietz

The House With 9 Rooms by Stacie Williams,  with Illustrations by Syanne Djaenal was a fantastic read.  Full of adventure suitable for any child.

With 9 rooms in the entire house,  each room holds within its walls a special feature.  There are rooms for girls,  some for boys, and some for everyone.

I would have to say the adventures in each room are all great,  but my favorites would have to be Room 4 where you are led into Disney Land,  meeting Donald and Daisy Duck,  Mickey and Minnie mouse and all the attractions such as 3D and 4D shows. 

I also liked Room 9,  which was the wishing room.  Anything you wished for,  you got it.  If you wished for a drink, "POOF",  a drink started pouring from the ceiling.  How cool would it be to just automatically say you wanted something and then receive it?

Williams did a fabulous job describing the adventures throughout the rooms,  making you wish you could actually be there.  The illustrations were perfect in helping you to imagine the rooms in your mind.  I would recommend this book for any child,  even a 6th grader.

The House With 9 Rooms gets ***** (5) Stars,  Daniel Dietz.  Childrens Book Reviewer for BK Walker Books.

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Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton is one of the best YA reads I've had the pleasure of reading.  Action packed with her own twist on Spiritual Warfare,  this is a MUST READ!

Ellie Monroe thought that she had the normal teenage life - friends, parties, school,  family and boys.  That is until she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Will.

Ellie has repeated nightmares from her past,  about fighting and conquering monsters,  and as Will tries to convince Ellie that she yields the power to prevent a war between Heaven and Hell,  she thinks he is absolutely crazy.

Will has stood by Ellie for 500 years,  and each time she dies she is reborn into another mortal body.  During this rebirth though,  Ellie's memories fail to return as quickly as they usually do,  but she gets pieces of it through her dreams.  Now Ellie must put her trust into the one man she thinks has lost his mind.

When a reaper threatens to raise the one demonic creature that could destroy her very soul,  Ellie and Will fight side by side to save human souls along with her own. 

Lying to her family and friends,  Ellie tries to accept what and who she is,  what her mission is all the while trying to fight for the love she feels for Will and save the world.

From the first page Angelfire was full of keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your- seat action.  Moulton did a fantastic job with this title,  the plot was perfect,  the characters were brilliant,  and it was a great twist on good vs. evil with a touch of romance. 

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it as one of the best reads of the year.  I give Angelfire ****** (6) Stars,  BK Walker.

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Wanting another amazing supernatural read, one that has a bit of everything in it? The Author of this book is one talented woman as shealso runs and co-ordinates a series of Virtual Book Tours and her own book review website  bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com , which I have the pleasure of
reviewing for.

Review: Dares and Dreams - BK Walker-2009

They say that sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. I wonder
if that is the same with when one person passes away, another's life actually begins. For Lannie, it definitely rings true as her father, the
one and only guidance and parent she has ever had in her life as just
passed away from a heart- attack a few months before her 21st birthday.

Lannie however, doesn't know exactly how to react as for Lannie; she has always suffered from what others call déjà vu. Now faced with the decision of what she is going to do with her life, Lannie comes face to face with her mother - someone she has not seen since she was at least an infant, the book doesn't actually tell us how old Lannie was when her mother left but I figured about 6weeks old or so. Her mother has decided now that Lannie is old enough, to drop a bombshell on her. In a few months, Lannie is to take part in a ceremony which will turn her into a vampire.

As the story goes on we find out that Lannie is one of a kind and her powers are strong, so strong in fact that the enemy King wants Lannie to himself. All would be fine but Lannie has met a hot guy and fallen head over heels, yet he too is harbouring a dark secret - he also isn't human but in fact a Warlock. As the two find out the truth about each other, will their secrets ruin their relationship or will it make them stronger? Find out in Dares and Dreams by BK Walker, a novel that is fast-paced and keeps you entertained, one you won't want to put down.

4.5 Stars ~ Cheers! Paula

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
Drowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan is a heart pounding,  suspenseful,  and got-to-know what happens next read!

Megan was a successful business woman that let her job take over her life.  When her son commits suicide,  on accident,  while seeking her attention,  her life changes forever.

Not letting her daughter slip away,  she takes Jenna on vacation to Moonlight Creek.  When they arrive,  the town seems like a ghost town.

There is something strange about Moonlight Creek,  and Megan and Jenna soon find out there is more to this small village than what meets the eye.

The lake is what controls the people,  and as weird events keep happening,  Megan becomes scared and desperate to leave.  As she fears for hers and her daughters life,  she meets an unexpecting encounter,  and her daughter and her flee.

What she didn't plan,  was for the ones she loves to become a part of it all.  Morgan did a fantastic job keeping the suspense alive.  This is one book that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Though I was a little disappointed in the ending,  not in a bad way but in a way you wished it ended differently,  I loved this book.  You will have to decide for yourself how you interpret the ending,  whether you to wished it ended differently or not.

I give Drowned Sorrow ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved