It is so hot and humid today,  my back has been killing me and I'm totally inspired to write today.  Maybe just needed a lil pain to get in touch with my character and heat to stimulate the brain lol....yay!
Don't forget to check out my events page for the Color Me Jazzmyne Book Blitz happening August 25.  Check it out!
Check out my events page for details on this awesome Book Blitz. 
I'm in need of some inspiration...:).  My mind is a wandering today.
The official release date for Near Suicide is August 15, 2009,  which is this Saturday.  Dares and Dreams is going to cover design very soon I can't wait.  I am also working on my third title: History Always Repeats. 

Writing has been a very therapeutic release for me.  I enjoy writing down my thoughts and creating a story from them.  Some are actual memories and experiences and some completely fictional. 

I am always up for any suggestions on what my readers would like to see,  so please feel free to drop me suggestions and/or ideas.  Thanks for your interest in my work also,  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.  G'day.