Trapped on Mystery Island by John Reid is a fantastic read!  Reid wastes no time getting into the action.

Meryll Manning is a police officer,  and having a weakness for his girlfriend Susan,  they participate in a murder mystery weekend adventure.

Each of the 13 guests plays a role in this game of Clue.  By process of elimination,  each guest must figure out who the murderer is,  taking the grand prize of $5000.

When there is a real murder,  Merryl and guests try to pin the murderer down while maintaining their own safety.  The problem is that everyone suspects each other,  and too many suspect Merryl.

Only after Meryll escapes the ties that bind,  does he conclude who the real murderer is.  Will the other guests believe him,  or help the real guilty member escape?

Reid did a great job at grasping the readers attention from the beginning.  He wasted no time getting into the action,  and I just love the character of Meryll.  Meryll is witty and smart,  and has a definite soft spot for Susan.

I give Trapped on Mystery Island **** (4) Stars.  BK Walker

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Kami Jin by Lloyd Kaneko is one title that will definitely get you thinking.  Narrated from the 23rd century,  it is a fantastic display of our world as it is today,  and what may become of it in the future.

Gordon A. Sakata II lives in the 23rd century.  As you can imagine,  the technology of the future is incredible.  Gordon suffered a terrible skiing accident as a child and now has a bionic arm.  His arm runs on a battery that gives it power through a watch he wears on his wrist.  If the watch is removed,  the arm goes dead.  Not only does this watch give his arm life,  but it also harbors a virtual computer.

Through this computer,  Gordon records memoirs of his journey in time.  As a native of Napajan,  Gordon portrays Asian features,  even though he is legally an American. 

His memoirs start with a description of time during the 21st century.  It was when he himself lost his job due to the introduction of droids to replace humans in Corporate America,  that he realizes that the nation was going under.  Humans were losing their jobs,  being forced into the streets,  and no where to turn for help.

As the government decides War is imminent against Napajan,  Asians are captured and forced into concentration camps.  Gordon records daily of the abuse,  and testing being done to prisoners.  When they realize that Gordon can use his computer to transcribe the activities at these camps,  they take Gordon to the mountains,  planning on his demise.

What they never expected,  was that Gordon's wife,  a Princess from an Intergalactic Universe,  would find and rescue him.  Much to Gordon's surprise as well,  he learns of his wife's true identity and that he was born to rule their planet.  Will Gordon be able to save planet Earth from the immorality that is placed upon human's by the government?

Kaneko did a great job of creating a thought provoking plot.  What can we as a society do to keep ourselves in the running?  What Kaneko speaks of is actually happening in our society today.  It is very disheartening to think about it,  and to think about what might become of us in the future. 

Kami Jin,  meaning paper people,  the example used in this story is exactly how the government treats citizens,  discarding them as if they were paper plates being thrown into the trash.

Though Kami Jin was a little slow to start,  once the action started,  especially at the end,  I found myself anxious to see what happened next. 

I give Kami Jin ***3/4 (3.75)  Stars,  BK Walker.

Learn more about this author - Lloyd Kaneko

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Available in paperback and on Kindle.

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Color Me Jazzmyne by Marian L. Thomas is an excellent read.  From beginning to end it will definitely stir emotions,  as you feel Naya Mona's story,  and feel her pain.

Naya Mona' lived a life that no child should ever have to endure.  As a child she had a father that loved her,  went to every play,  loved to hear her sing.

That was,  until she became a young woman.  Then her life took a drastic turn,  as her father forgot to be a father,  and she ends up pregnant.  Forced to succumb to her father's touch and harsh rules, and having her baby torn from her when her father was mad it wasn't a girl,  Naya dreams of the day that she could leave the darkness and be free.

Searching the colors of her crayon box,  Naya finally finds her escape.  Young,  and no clue where to go,  who to turn to,  she finds her way to New York. 

Through a series of events that quickly have her searching her crayon box again,  she finds her voice,  becomes Jazzmyne the jazz singer,  and she is faced with the son she never had the chance to know. 

Her son arrives,  demanding answers,  wanting to know his roots. The problem is,  she is not sure she wants to open her crayon box,  to bare all those nasty colors to someone she doesn't even know.

Follow Naya as she tells the story of her life.  She is speaking to her son,  but you will be drawn in and will feel her pain as she hesitantly relives her past, as she adds new colors as well as pulls the old ones.

Thomas did an excellent job describing this tale,  pulling you in from beginning to end.  This is one story you won't be able to put down until you have finished it in its entirety. 

I give Color Me Jazzmyne ***** (5) Stars, BK Walker

Learn more about this author - Marian L. Thomas

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COLOR ME JAZZMYNE  Available in Paperback and on Kindle.

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Review by Paula Phillips

The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee - Lisa Lane - 2009- Book One.

Karen has just broken up with her boyfriend and has to face the reality
that she has to return to her family's old Victorian home alone for the
summer , just her and her family. Now if Karen and her family were like
everybody else then this would be alright , but Karen and her family have
a secret.

Her father after an accident involving the death of another person has been locked up in a mental institution . Her father believes that he is in fact a Vampire Hunter and that the man he killed those years ago was a Vampire. However when Karen arrives , danger is lurking in the shadows in the disguise of two men : Mark and Billy .

These two though aren't your average men , they are Vampires and have come for revenge on Karen's family, it's payback time. For Karen and Billy though their is a connection and Karen doesn't want to die not yet anyway. Can Billy save Karen from becoming the Vampire's next meal and what will happen to Karen's family when their house becomes raided with Vampires? .

A story that includes Vampires, Ghosts and Family Loyalty and the fact that sometimes in order to save the ones you love , you have to sacrifice and bend the rules every now and again. A fast-paced story , that kept you intrigued and a wonderful start to an awesome trilogy.

4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

Cheers ~Paula

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Review by Paula Phillips

The Vow : Lifeline Chronicles by Christian Montalto -2010

Reading this book , if you have ever seen the movie starring Brit Actor
Jason Statham "Rogue Assassin" , where his friend takes on the identity of Rogue when his family are killed or when Frank takes on the role of
Punisher even Zorro with his masked Identity , then you will note likeness .

The Vow starts the story very innocently with a little boy aged 8 all happy and excited in his school uniform counting the days he has spent at school "as quoted in the story day fifty-seven of school". The story focuses on Christopher - a young boy who has idolised and cared for his father , it then moves on to the relationship between Christopher's older brother Darlan and their father , Head of the Marcelo family fortune and business Florian .

Darlan feeling rejected and angry plans to kill his father and take the fortune for himself, however things do not go to plan many years later and Christopher ends up taking the hit. As the tragedy happens , things about Christopher are revealed and stories of something called "The Dark Legion".

We read as we turn the pages to find out what exactly is the Dark Legion and how is the Marcelo family connected ?. As Christopher family and the things he loved start to fade , a new character evolves within causing Christopher to be a thing of the past and the character - A Hero named Zero to become the next generation - a warrior and assassin that has blood running through his veins and revenge on his palatte.

An excellent read for those who love Action , Adventure , Explotation and the Fight between Family, Love and Hate as well as shows strong points of Revengefulness. I am looking forward to more tales that author Christian brings our ways , as Zero is the new Christopher to borrow a line from movie Josie and The Pussycats.

3/5 Stars. ~Paula

Learn more about this author - http://lifelinechronicles.com/

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Review by Paula Phillips

Today's review is Wicked Game - Jeri Smith-Ready - 2008

Ciara Griffin has just landed a job as a marketing intern at a local radio
station, her last resorts for a summer job at least at WMMP, a radio
station that is being threatened with being sold to Skyware, a giant
communications conglomerate  and out to take over the world in all things music and media, unless ad revenue picks up. A former con artist with a sense of  people, Ciara feels that something is odd with the presenters and describes it like being in a timewarp.

She soon discovers that the DJs are undead and whatever Music they specialise in was from the year they were turned - yes , you guessed it the DJ's are vampires. One of them, Shane McAllister (turned in 1995), is really hot and dangerously tempting  and Ciara and Shane start to become a hint more than workmates, but when the immortality status stands in the way, Will Shane and Ciara work things out or are they destined to be just workmates ?.

In order to attract more listeners and get the ratings skyrocketing through the roof , Ciara promotes a  marketing strategy and the Sherwood, Md., station becomes 94.3 WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock and Roll, exploiting the fang factor for profit, which of course doesn't cause real harm as nobody believes in vampires anyway- well not in this book. . It works, until an ancient vampire cult wants to pull the plug. Also playing in is The Control, an equally ancient paramilitary group created to protect good vampires and kill bad ones. 

The music and playlists for this book are what you expect to read as Rock N Roll and the costumes each of them wear , you can imagine you are reading back to that age in time .


Learn more about this author - http://www.jerismithready.com/books/

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
Review by Paula Phillips

Todays Review is "The Cain Letters" by Pierre Roustan- 2009

"Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat, Be Shadows of the Night, Be One With the
Darkness, And Never Let in the Light "( Vampire Law)

Normally in a review I would start with the beginning but in The Cain
Letters , it is a story with a twist and in order to set the scene , I
have to begin with the end chapters . This story is a build -up into the
discovery of a tomb that in laid Cain (the first murderer in the world) ,
Satans first revenant - The Cain in the Book of Genesis who killed his
brother Abel over God's remark of Offerings .

For those who aren't aware the book of Genesis is the first book in the bible that is set in the Garden of Eden where all was perfect before Cain sinned and Eve sinned , then from then on the world has gone downhill. The Cain Letters are three people's search for the truth , we have Marcus -One of the worlds oldest Vampires , Alexandra - killing thrells and vampires for revenge and Nikolas - an ancient who aims to become Master of the Vampire world and in doing this has the Vampire world after him - a canny twist of fate.

Can these three people find what they are looking for and each get their own way or will along the way these people discover what it is that they each truly desire ? . Will the truth about Cain be released and will he be finally forgiven and laid to rest for the crime he committed thousands of years ago ?

A Story of Truth, Action -lots of kick-butting fighting scenes against good and evil and a mixture of Spirituality , Christianity and all things Vampires. In The Cain Letters we even get visitors from The Cardinal and A Pastor amongst other things and if Egyptian History is your thing , who knows what treasures you may find in The Cain Letters. An excellent read for those who are interested in a wide variety of things making this the perfect book as it appeals in its own way to the individuals rather than a whole clique of readers.

I give this Four Stars :)

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Review by Paula Phillips

Intimate Encounters - Sierra Michaels - 2010

Is there a line between prostitution and sensual massaging ? Many don't
see it that way , they all see it as money for sex, but we have a policy
-no sex just massaging and we keep our lingerie on, if we want to be a bit more adventurous and earn more cash , then we can do without the bra-but thats it. Its not that bad is it , it pays the bills doesn't it ?. Who am I , My name is Cali and I am a grad student paying my way through school with two jobs as a lab grad student working on my thesis -which involves alot of Shells and work nights as a sensual massagist.

 When Cali experiences a rough ordeal working one night alone, it starts to bring her world into perspective , Is what she doing right as she works her way into something that in American society is frowned upon . Can Cali escape this world and move on to what she really passionate about or will this be her life and will she have to keep lying or side-stepping the truth from the ones she cares about ?.

Intimate Encounters is the story of One girls account in leading what she calls a double life and her struggles in both the working business and her grad school class.  A story that in parts shares emotions and traits of friendship, love, hurt and confusion. Her Plot is one that is heard of quite commonly around America and it probably happens in all countries depending where you are in the world as it's true , we live in a money-grabbing and needing society and some of do things that we aren't to proud of to survive.

Her Website is

3) *** .5 Stars = Good Read, may or may not need some work.

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Review by Paula Phillips

The Returning - Ann Tatlock -2009

 Five years has passed and John -sent to prison on a manslaughter charge which occured one night when drunk driving is on his way home. However when he arrives home , alot has changed over the years and not just the outward appearances either. Can the Family work out the differences and become a family once again?

Daughter Beka is starting to mix with the wrong crowd -drinking, drugs and witchcraft , when a terrible accident occurs and Beka becomes drawn into it.  Can John hekp is once daddys little girl into choosing the right decision or will they both end up in Peru ? (An insiders joke , when you read the book).

Little Phoebe is afraid of everything , when her dad arrives home all she sees is a stranger , can Phoebe learn to love her dad and become her mother and her fathers daughter ?

 Andrea , has always loved John , but has her feelings changed since he's been locked up or will his being home amongst the family re-ignite their passion and love for one another or will this once and for all be the start of a lenghthy divorce process - one thats long overdue ?

 Bang smack in the story , is our little bright light shining Billy , a god-fearing busboy who suffers from Down Syndrome . Billy is overjoyed at the thought of having his dad back.  When Billy and John attend church,  can Billy together with God's help and prayers answered save his family from falling apart?

This story is an amazing tale of how one family can overcome obstacles so great that if one should not pull their weight and play their part it can tear them aparf as easy. Can this Family join forces and learn to re-love one another or will it be the end for all, Find out in Ann Tatlock's book "The Returning".

 I give this book a ***1/2 (3.5 /5) .
 Cheers , Paula

Learn more about this author - Ann Tatlock

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Immortalis: Carpe Noctem by Katie Salidas was a fantastic read!  If you have ever wondered what going through the change to become an immortal was like,  you will be enthralled with this title.

Alyssa was awaiting the arrival of her best friend Fallon,  where they meet every night at the Cafe' Copioh.  When Fallon calls to say she won't be able to make it to the Cafe',  Alyssa leaves for home.

Not comfortable with the fact that she must walk home alone,  she places her pepper spray in her hand.  After being approached by what she thought to be a fellow college student,  she is brutally attacked.

Sure she is going to die,  Lysander comes to her rescue,  only a little too late.  With no other option than to let her die,  he bites her to save her life.

Alyssa must now accept the immortality that has been handed to her,  while she also struggles through feelings she has for Lysander.  She must learn how to hunt to survive,  and keep from being hunted from those that wish to destroy her.

Salidas did a great job portraying what one might feel,  and experience while going through the change.  Follow Alyssa's journey,  as she learns how to live with the condition of being a vampire.  From first bite to survival,  and finally love.

I give Immortalis Carpe Noctem **** 1/2 (4.5) Stars,  BK Walker,  Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

Learn more about this author : Katie Salidas

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You can also purchase a signed copy through Katie's website.

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