L.A. Bytes is another fabulous read by P.A. Brown!  Well researched and phenomenally written!  You won't be able to put it down!

When Chris Bellamere gets called in to find who's been hacking into Ste. Anne's Medical Center,  he ends up finding more than a bunch of codes on a computer.   As he digs further,  threats start coming in via email to hurt his husband, Detective David Eric Laine.

In the meantime,  David is at the Doctors office for an allergy shot.   Chris,  who happens to be in the same hospital,  arrives to assist David and give moral support, as David hates needles.  After suffering an allergic reaction to the allergy shot,  Chris is determined more than ever to find out what happened,  especially since he will have access to the hospitals mainframe due to his new contract to find the hacker.

David is forced to take time off of a murder case he is currently working on much to his dismay.  A few days in the hospital,  he is still encouraged to rest upon arriving home. 

David is not one to leave work behind though.  Against his partners,  and Chris's pleas to stay in bed,  David forges on to solve his latest murder case.

As Chris and David fight to solve their cases,  they don't realize they will end up helping each other to solve these crimes.

Brown did a stupendous job with this fourth installment to the L.A. series.  Exactly what you would expect from Brown,  giving suspense and thrills from beginning to end.

I give L.A. Bytes ******1/2 (5.5) Stars,  BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Review by Daniel:

The Magician Of Oz was a fantastic book with magic from start to end.  It's a definite page turner that you are going to love.

Jamie Diggs moved from Kansas to Indiana.  One night Jamie and his father were looking in a trunk that belonged to his great grandfather.  What they found were coins,  and old pocket watch,  and O.Z. Diggs on the trunk itself,  which was his grandfathers initials.

One night as a surprise,  Jamie's father took him to a magic club.  After he was introduced,  he showed the coins and pocket watch from his grandfathers trunk.

As he was learning magic,  he did a trick with a zombie ball at a magic club picnic,  and he even made his coin disappear.   He was becoming good with his magic tricks,  and one day while walking in the woods,  he was led into the land of Oz.

He stayed in Ozma's Castle with Ozma, Dorothy, and Glinda.  While he was missing his mothers potato soup,  Dorothy took him to the Tin Woodman's castle so her Aunt Em could make him some.

While enjoying his soup,  a counsel of trees were angry with the Tin Woodman,  and were coming to the castle to destroy the Tin Woodman.  Dorothy and Jamie conjured up a spell which made them disappear.  The Tin Woodman seemed to have a lot of enemies as they also had to cast a spell to turn the morals to stone.

After a few days of being in Oz,  doing tricks for the farm people,  he finally got to go home,  but soon would visit again.  Before his departure,  he did receive a new coin from Ozma,  which bore the three girls from Oz embedded on it,  just like the old coin Jamie had lost.

Though Jamie thought he was gone from his family for days,  upon returning he realizes they only think he was gone for a few hours. 

Wallace did a great job with this exciting tale.  With magic and spells,  there was never a dull moment.  Though it had the some of the same characters as The Wizard of Oz,  Wallace created an exciting twist on the plot.

I give it ***** (5) Stars, Danny Dietz,  Reviewer of Childrens Books for BK Walker Books.

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Flaherty's Crossing by Kaylin McFarren was a phenomenal read!  An emotional story with gripping events from beginning to end!

Kate Flaherty is torn with emotion and anger,  as she sits watching her Dad on his death bed.  Morphine inflicted,  Collin Flaherty reveals a secret he has been keeping most of Kate's life.

Trying to sort through it all,  Kate is confronted with a deer on her way home from visiting her sick Father.  Swerving to miss,  she finds herself bruised and banged up,  and her vehicle not working.

She tredges down the road,  coming to an old diner.  She enters to find a lone gentleman working,  waiting for his wife to arrive.  Phone lines are down,  and Kate has no choice but to wait for ride.

As she begins talking to "Mick",  she finds herself devulging pieces of her life she has never allowed to be told.  As she confronts her feelings about her past,  and her husband Drew,  she realizes she too may have to take some of the blame for their differences.

When she suddenly realizes there is no cord to the phone,  she becomes panicked,  fleeing the diner in search of a house.  Chastising herself for ever trusting a stranger,  and sore from the accident,  her husband finds her to take her home.

Then the dreaded call came,  "I'm sorry - I never get used to making these calls.  Kate,  your father passed away after you left."

Grief stricken that she didn't have just one more day,  Kate and Drew arrange for the funeral,  and start rebuilding their lives.  As Kate prepares,  going through her Dad's personal items,  she learns things about her father she never knew,  some things she never wanted to know.

Flaherty's Crossing is truly an emotional roller coaster ride.  McFarren did a fantastic job drawing the reader in,  keeping you wanting more.  In this heart-wrenching tale,  of self discovery to forgiveness, you will not be able to put this book down until you have finished it.

I give Flaherty's Crossing ***** (5) Stars, BK Walker,  Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Where The Hawk Tree Stands by Ronald R. Roberts was a great read and very educational.  If you didn't understand the hard times and struggles of the depression,  you will certainly be enlightened in this title.

The plot starts in the present day,  with Charles as an old man in his last years.  When he takes a ride with his cousin to the place where he grew up,  he is taken back in time,  where we learn of his past through memories he recalls.

As a young boy during the time of the "Great Depression" and the "Dust Bowl",  Charles takes time from farming duties to go to the cotton grove.  He finds a great oak tree,  making a connection with it that only he and the tree understand.

It is during his time spent with this tree that Charles truly connects with nature.  While under the oak tree he watches a family of hawks build their nest and lay their eggs.  He visits often,  able to see the babies after hatching and to watch the parents feed them.

After a big dust storm passes through,  Charles goes to check on the hawk and the oak tree.  He finds the parent hawks missing,  and the nest is on the ground.  One of the baby hawks is laying dead,  and Charles is worried about the other.  He hears a coyote in the grove,  seeing the hawk in a bush where the coyote is trying to get it.  Chasing the coyote off,  Charles befriends the baby hawk taking him home to care for him.  After getting his parents permission to keep the hawk,  Charles names him Talon.

After teaching the hawk how to fly and hunt,  the bond between this boy and hawk is extraordinary.  They watch out and care for one another,  for years to come.

Talon and Charles visit the Hawk Tree often,  and have many experiences during their time spent in the grove.  That is until the day comes that Charles must let Talon live up to his full potential.

This was a great story of hard times,  struggles,  true friendship and love.  The bond and experiences of Charles and Talon are like none you  have ever seen before.

Roberts did a great job reliving the Great Depression,  giving the reader a good look into those devastating times.  With quite a few gripping scenes,  you will be anxious to find out what happens next. 

I loved the ending of this tale.  It was the perfect choice,  though there are alternate endings that you can see how it could have been.  I give Where The Hawk Tree Stands **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker,  Author of Near Suicide and Dares And Dreams.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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An Honest Love by Kathleen Fuller was a fantastic read!  I love her writing style and the plot was amazing.

Delving into the world of the Amish Community,  this book tells the tale of two couples finding and learning to love.

Anna Esh has been deeply hurt by her previous finacee'.  She moves to a new community hoping to find a new start.  Her mother Edna and her open an Amish store in Middlefield, Ohio. 

With many renovations needing to be done, she is introduced to Lukas Byler.  Lukas is a very talented carpentry worker,  that has an eye for more than just woodwork.

Lukas' patience is never ending as he patiently breaks through the walls Anna has built around herself.  As Anna finds herself falling in love,  she also develops a serious illness that could separate her and Lukas forever.

Aaron Detweiler has recently been released from jail after a drug related arrest.  Finding his way back into the community,  he commits to the church and God.

Feeling like an outcast,  thinking the entire community is looking down on him for his past mistakes,  he finds Elisabeth Byler.  She is the one person that doesn't seem to judge him.

Elisabeth is persistent in developing their friendship.  As they become closer,  Aaron is finding himself wanting to be more than just friends,  with feelings developing that he was sure Elisabeth would not reciprocate.

While at church,  Aaron finds himself inches from Elisabeth when he jumps in the pond to save her,  thinking she could not swim.  Overcome by desire,  he lays the gentlest of kisses upon her lips.

Elisabeth is overwhelmed and runs away.  Sure he has ruined everything between them,  Aaron questions his actions and his feelings.  When Elisabeth leaves town to visit her friend,  Aaron is sure it is due to his kiss.

Upon the return of Elisabeth,  Aaron finds more than just relief of the guilt of his actions.

I highly recommend An Honest Love.  This title is a gripping tale of love and emotion.  Definite page turner,  as you feel the emotions felt by the characters and will leave you wanting more. 

Fuller did a phenomenal job writing this tale,  educating you on the Amish Community as well as opening with a magnificent plot.

I give An Honest Love *****(5) Stars; BK Walker, Author of Near Suicide and Dares And Dreams. 

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