Wouldn't it be nice to have a connection to help market your book?  Well look no further.  Help is here!

Sharon Kay Roberts, from Coalition-Independent-Authors.com has created a way for those who are struggling to get their book noticed. 

Like many of us,  Sharon has found that self promotion of your book is the biggest obstacle authors have in common.  So she has created a website that will help get your book(s) the much needed attention it deserves.

Many of us have self published,  or signed on with no agent.  This means that we are responsible for promoting our own books.  Marketing your book can be a very tricky,  mind exhausting task.  Sharon understands what we as authors go through and is looking to make marketing your work a little easier. 

She is not providing the only and final answer to marketing,  but she is providing a way to at least get our feet on the correct path.

If you feel you have no where else to turn,  you are frustrated with all the road blocks that constantly stand in your way,  I encourage you to please visit the Coalition site and find out what it's all about.  Click on that link today and learn how Sharon can help you.
2/16/2011 02:48:47 pm

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5/3/2011 06:44:37 pm

Other products from the company include electric coffee grinders, milk frothers, electric water kettles and espresso machines.

9/20/2012 01:54:35 pm

I love this blog layout, where can I download it?


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