This book isn't exactly what I thought it was going to be,  but it was a great tale.  I think I was expecting more of a direct approach to conscious dreaming.  What it is though, is a memoir if you will,  of Alysa's own experience as she learns the Native American techniques to conscious dreaming.  It follows Alysa's teachings with the help of her guide and mentor, Running Deer.

Her experiences as she learns Shamanism is incredible.  From her first dream to reaching the second reality,  it was amazing to realize the actual meanings behind her dreams.  The course of recognizing and facing your fears,  some of which you don't even realize you have.  Alysa did a great job explaining her journey and it's a great guide to follow to recognizing the meaning behind your own dreams.

The journey doesn't stop at lucid dreaming,  but also includes spiritual healing as well.  If you are interested in conscious dreaming and the road traveled to reach totality,  then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

I give The Sorcerer's Dream **** (4) Stars.  Well done Alysa.

Learn more at www.dreamshield.nl

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
12/7/2010 10:32:06 pm

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