Matt Lucas, a lawyer who has devoted his professional life to obtaining justice for women and children in a rural community, is in the process of retiring and relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico, when he is called upon to assist Linda Lawson, an award-winning San Diego reporter, in a seemingly routine investigation of an incident of domestic violence that has taken place in Maidu County in the Mother Lode Country of Northern California. Their investigative assignment quickly transforms into a suspenseful mystery that plunges the reader into the worlds of domestic violence, child abuse, corruption, and judicial cover-up. As they begin to find answers, they are trapped in a deadly game in which they have become the hunted. Holding tight to their mission, they follow a twisting path that leads to the secrets behind the killings and a deeper understanding of themselves. Readers will be stunned by the surprise conclusion.

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Review of Out of Balance : Out of Balance by Michael Arkin was absolutely outstanding.  Arkin did a miraculous job writing this novel,  detailing just what can happen when the judicial system goes "dirty".  Out of Balance is in the setting of today,  which I loved about this title.

As an astute lawyer fights for the rights of women and children in domestic violence and child abuse cases,  Arkin shows just how hard work can be made out as an exasperated waste of time.

When a crooked judge continually rules the cases that come before him favoring the abuser,  Mathew Lucas is at his wit's end.  When a few murders occur as a result of this particular judge's faulty and unjust rulings,  it draws the attention of an award winning journalist.

Linda Lawson works for the Times in Sacramento California.  She is on vacation when she receives a mysterious letter informing her of the increased domestic violence, child abuse, and deaths encouraging her to investigate.  She teams up with Matt Lucas and they investigate into the violence of Maidu County.  The closer they get to the truth,  trouble stirs themselves and others in danger.

Arkin portrays great transitioning as he introduces his characters.  He does a fantastic job keeping the suspense on the surface as the story opens,  keeping you yearning for more.  As you are indulged to keep guessing as to how the story will unfold,  the ending will definitely be a surprise to you.

Out of Balance by Michael Arkin is masterfully written and I definitely would recommend this book.  Arkin did a magnificent job keeping the enthusiasm from the beginning to the end.  I give it ****½ (4.5) Stars ~BK Walker - Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com.  

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