Interview With Love by Lisa Watson was FAB-U-LOUS!  I loved everything about this book!

Sienna Lambert is a Consumer Psychologist.  When she lands a deal with a huge client,  she never expected that she would be interviewing more than the prospective clientele.  

On a company outing,  she finds herself thrown into a baseball game,  knocked unconscious,  waking up to an Adonis before her.  Shaking it off she heads for the showers.  On her way out,  after dressing of course,  she is surprised to see the Adonis sitting in wait with her best friend Vivian.  Vaughn,  the man who plowed her over at third base introduces himself and they converse over tea and cheesecake.  Not only do they share so many things in common,  they are both working for the same Company.  Vaughn is great,  he helps his best friend raise his daughter,  he is sincere,  not to mention hot enough to make your blood boil on a cold winter night.  What more could a girl ask for?

Vaughn runs his ad campaigns by her only to be shot down.  Offended,  he storms off.  Now it becomes his mission to apologize for making a fool of himself with his brashness,  and to make this beautiful psychologist his.

Let the 'Rules' begin.  Sienna is constantly making up rules to live by.  I absolutely loved this character and found her rules endearing and at times humorous.  

We watch this couple grow,  and fall apart only to grow some more.  Vaughn is the perfect man any girl would want,  Sienna is the perfect woman any man would want.  Well maybe not,  even though she's a psychologist,  she still has her issues.  Needless to say,  their romance is so enthralling and it was fantastic to watch this couple grow in each other as well as themselves.  

Sienna has a secret though?  Can their relationship withstand all the ups and downs or will Vaughn end up being just another notch in Sienna's lipstick case?

During this entire book I found myself laughing,  talking to myself when something crazy happened,  and falling in love with these characters.  The entire book I pictured as a movie playing out in my head.  I so could see Wanda Sykes as Vivian.  It was her voice I heard every time Vivian spoke.  This would be a great movie!

Watson did a phenomenal job!  I love her writing style,  her character development was right on key,  and I cannot wait to read the next book in this Interview Series,  Interview With Danger.  I loved the sneak peek excerpt - already loving it.

I give Interview With Love (6) Latte's.  Loved it!  Highly recommended.  ~BK Walker  

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