Beloved of the Fallen by Savannah Kline was an enthralling read.  From murder to holy restoration this one is a definite page turner.

Valentin thought he could protect his charge,  a Destined,  by defying God's Will.  Saving Amaris from committing suicide,  God's Will is strong and Satan is stronger.  She faces a torturous death and Valentin is mortified.

Sent to join the rest of the Fallen,  Valentin finds himself deformed and stripped of his angelic beauty,  and a broken wing incarcerating him to Hell.

A new Destined has risen,  and Lucifer has big plans for her.  Valentin is forced to take on a new charge,  and though he feels his actions constitute eternity in Hell,  he is sent to Earth where he meets Kira Castlemaine.

Kira is mourning her father's death.  All in the plan of the 'Light House' members,  Kira is convinced to take her father's seat and become the next Congresswoman,  as "it's what her father would want."  Lucifer needs her in this position in order for his plans,  to create his own heaven,  to be effective.  He needs souls to stay strong,  and WWIII is just the way to obtain that power.

Valentin must keep a watchful eye over Kira,  and make sure plans go as intended.  He joins the campaign and helps Kira win the votes to make it as Congresswoman.  What he never expected was to fall in love with her.

Knowing that God's Will is the only way to be happy,  he decides to help Kira overcome the Fallen's plans and hopes to feel God's love once again.  Kira is a very intelligent woman though,  and she will figure out that there is an evil at work.  Can Valentin prove to Kira that his love is pure and find himself in God's good graces,  or will Lucifer prove to be more powerful creating his own heaven on Earth damning the souls of every human?

Kline did a fantastic job keeping the suspense alive.  I couldn't put this book down until I knew what happened in the end,  which was a very surprising ending.  It's a fast paced read with enough action to keep you turning the pages.  I absolutely loved Valentin,  feeling his struggles from beginning to end.  I loved this book!

I give Beloved of the Fallen 5 Latte's.  If you love angels,  with a suspenseful plot,  you will love this book.  ~BK Walker

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