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 Detective Buddy get's a call to help solve a new case. Detective Buddy and the Case of the Missing Football takes Buddy and the rest of the characters looking for a lost football. Will Buddy be able to close the case, or will the football be lost forever?

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Henry is a fun-loving Hippo who loves to play at Sunnyside Park. On the way to the park, Henry runs in to his friends and they decide to play hide-and-go-seek. But Henry is afraid he�ll be the first one found. Henry always seems to take too long or can�t find the right spot. Will Henry find that perfect spot to hide or will he be the first one found again? Come and read about Henry�s day at the park to find out what happens!
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Alex Fox and his family have moved to a new town called Friendsville. Alex finds it hard to make new friends, because he is very shy and nervous. He wishes he was back in Fish Creek, where all of his friends live. Chloe, Bella and Scotty are best friends, who make their way to meet the new kid in town.

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