Reviewed by Jennifer L. Bonges

The Strangers Outside
By: Vanessa Morgan

The Strangers Outside is a heart pounding, hairs on arm standing on end novella.

The story starts with two sisters; Jennifer and Louise are at a bar on their way to their grandparent's seaside cottage. Louise is the older of the two sisters, and poses a question to her younger sister, “Imagine we would be here one year from now.” “What would you like to have accomplished one year from now? What do you see happening in your life by then?”

Jennifer says that she would like to have a boyfriend. Louise out of the two sisters is more openly optimistic, where Jennifer is a definite pessimist; in addition she is also very insecure. Louise tells her that shouldn't be too difficult. Jennifer believes that it will never happen.

Louise is openly optimistic and tries to motivate her sister and herself. Louise tries to learn from her “failures” every year. Even though Louise feels that nothing ever really works out and she always ends up back at square one and that she has no luck either, even though she does try to learn from past “failures”, she never gives up.

They drive to the cottage and when they arrive, Louis suggests that they do their “dance”, a dance they do to their favorite song, always alone, with no one watching. They begin the dance, soon Louise feels someone watching them. She looks out and sees two men, dressed all in black, watching them.

Louise decides that they should go in the cottage. They decide to get ready and go out to a movie. Jennifer wants to take a shower and there is no hot water, so Louise goes out to the shed to turn the gas switch. This is when the terror really begins and she feels in complete danger.

The story is definitely terrifying. There is a moral to the story, so to speak, that really makes you think. I believe that everyone can identify themselves in both Louise and Jennifer. This story creeped me out, in the best way possible. I love a good scare! And this story does not disappoint.

**** 4 stars. Jennifer L. Bonges

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The Strangers Outside
By Vanessa Morgan

Jennifer and Louise take a break at their holiday cabin. Being sisters, each one had a different perspective and outlook on themselves as well as life. Louise  had confidence in herself as well as her sister, and Jennifer felt she'd never get a boyfriend because she felt she was ugly. Maybe this is the reason why Jennifer went to a physic and Louise didn't. Maybe Jennifer felt she needed to know what the future held for her.( I am coming to my own conclusions here and how I have interpreted this short book. ) When two strangers appeared outside of their cabin, it was cause for a brief double take but no panic came among the sisters. But as the evening went on, they noticed there were a few more strangers and they were moving closer to the cabin and to them. The girls then decided it was time to take action and be prepared for whatever these strangers outside wanted. But no matter what their imagination told them, it didn't them for the true horror awaiting them.

This has to be the shortest book I have read. In just 24 pages a whole story has been told. I want to give Vanessa Morgan praise for having the creativity and imagination to pull it off. I certainly will be reading a lot more of her material. If you want a little spine tingler in a short amount of time, The Strangers Outside is just the thing!
I give this book **** four stars.

4/5 Stars

Reviewed By
Nora Bartau

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Drowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan is a heart pounding,  suspenseful,  and got-to-know what happens next read!

Megan was a successful business woman that let her job take over her life.  When her son commits suicide,  on accident,  while seeking her attention,  her life changes forever.

Not letting her daughter slip away,  she takes Jenna on vacation to Moonlight Creek.  When they arrive,  the town seems like a ghost town.

There is something strange about Moonlight Creek,  and Megan and Jenna soon find out there is more to this small village than what meets the eye.

The lake is what controls the people,  and as weird events keep happening,  Megan becomes scared and desperate to leave.  As she fears for hers and her daughters life,  she meets an unexpecting encounter,  and her daughter and her flee.

What she didn't plan,  was for the ones she loves to become a part of it all.  Morgan did a fantastic job keeping the suspense alive.  This is one book that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Though I was a little disappointed in the ending,  not in a bad way but in a way you wished it ended differently,  I loved this book.  You will have to decide for yourself how you interpret the ending,  whether you to wished it ended differently or not.

I give Drowned Sorrow ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved