Unscrambled Eggs by Nadia Brown is a book of poetry with meaning. 

I love it when I can read poetry and feel some sort of connection.  That is what I got out of Unscrambled Eggs.

Brown did a fantastic job in this compilation,  giving meaning to each poem,  and many of them I was able to relate to on a personal level.

I thoroughly enjoyed this title and think it would be an excellent book to add to your coffee table.  The cover makes you wonder its contents and the poems are so easy to interpret I believe you too will enjoy Unscrambled Eggs.  I give Unscrambled Eggs *****(5) Stars,  BK Walker.
5/5 Stars

One of my favorites:

Autumn Falls Softly
Autumn falls
like feathers,
softly without sound
sprinkling leaves
of amber & violet
that descend from able trees,
carried by
ushering winds
before settling quietly
on the surface
finally reaching an end
as autumn
begins again
she emits
her calmness
upon those who
watch her,
bringing tranquility
to all that see
her beauty

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