Twilight and Darkness by Jamel Dubois was absolutely
outstanding!  This is a must read for any fan of murder and mystery!

Dubois did a superb job in this compilation of short stories
and really knows how to keep that pique of interest alive.

Bring Me the Head of Kathleen Sullivan ̶ A gruesome murder of a very generous woman with a surprise ending. ~Excellent read! Fabulous and very unexpected ending! I loved this story!

Frequent Flyer ̶ When a personal assistant is greeted at the airport by the wrong person, Thomas Wannamaker's life is turned upside down, along with his business. ~Great read! I loved the cops' secret codes and how they finally obtain the murderer.
Brilliant plot!

Dominoes ̶ When the stress of economical hardship is too much
to bare, murder becomes the only answer. ~Awesome! The plot was very relatable to today's society, though most of us would not turn to murder.

Guitar and Heartstrings ̶ Rocky Moune forms a band called the
Moon Pie. They travel from gig to gig, picking up new members
as they go. When Rocky marries the new lead singer, things start
to change. Bud, Rocky's best friend likes Marcy, as she wants to
use the songs he wrote for the band's new sound. The band gets
bigger and Rocky gets more under the "Rock Star" influence of
drugs and alcohol. ~Bravo! This story is a great plot of getting
caught up in the band life, love, betrayal and death. I even found
myself angry with Marcy on Bud's behalf.

SeaDogs Burialsat sea become a blanket for other crimes,
igniting a spark in Detective Bailey's gut. Unable to let it
go, Bailey investigates SeaDogs operations until he finds all the
answers to his suspicions. ~Phenomenal read! Full of
excitement and constant second guessing!

The Taking of Kaitlyn Peck ̶ When a young girl's been
abducted, the family is forced to leave the police in the dark as
they desperately fear for the their daughter's safe return home.
Police never give up that easily though, and the search begins.
~Fantastic! The plot played out as expected with an unexpected
twist. I would have never imagined where they would find Kaitlyn.

The Husband Hunter ̶ When a husband drains the bank accounts
and runs, Marlene Tucker begins the hunt. Running out of money
and options, she finally finds Phillip Tucker in South Africa, and
maybe the answers to why he left with all their money.  ~Magnificent read with a shocking ending! Leaves you rooting
for the underdog.

Storm Clouds and Blue Skies ̶ When unaccounted flight times
show up on the flight logs, and airline business partner is forced
to sing like a canary to reveal a murderer. ~Great plot with lots of
page turning mystery!

A Day at the Zoo ̶ The love of Roger Turpin's life returns with
demands for murder. In hopes of reclaiming their love, will Roger
follow through with his plans? ~Wonderful! Murder and mystery fans will love this story with a breath-taking ending!

Out of Focus When ̶ Robert Elkton's pride was hurt as a
teenager, his life became driven by revenge. Back home for his
forty-year high school reunion, Robert plots his revenge and
hopes to get away with murder. ~Exciting and a definite pageturner!

Streetwalker's Price ̶ an elderly man gets accused of being a bum
and his life is threatened. When the woman that holds Joseph
Abernathy at gunpoint realizes her mistake she tries paying him
off. Joseph cannot be bought so easily, she learns all too quickly.
~Stupendous! I loved this story and the humor that Dubois brought with it. Joseph Abernathy is a very smart man.

Twilight and Darkness was resplendent and I did not want to put
this book down. I would definitely recommend this book and I
give it ***** (5) Stars. ~B.K. Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK
Walker Books, http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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