When I Remember Love by Trish Silver was a great love story.   An exact portrayal of true love.

Aiden Price was an American Star contestant taking the nation by storm.  Jenna Hall was just coming out of a bad relationship.  When the two of them meet,  it's love at first site.

Aiden had it all.  A career that was exploding with success and a beautiful woman at his side.  Neither him or Jenna thought they would ever experience a love such as theirs.

From the moment we are introduced to these characters,  we are given an image of what true love should be all about.  Following Aiden through his success,  to their marriage and eventually children,  the lives of Aiden and Jenna are what most only dream of.

This was a fantastic tale of stardom to reality.  You will surely fall in love with Jenna,  with her hopes and dreams to help others and Aiden's ability to keep his stardom separate from his home life.  We see Aiden from the beginning of his career and how well these two conform as they climb the charts together.

When Jenna is struck with Leukemia,  your heart will melt with the vivid picture that is painted and how Aiden never leaves her side.  When a tragic accident threatens to tear this family apart,  again you will be touched by how they pull together to get through.

This was a very touching story.  Though some parts seem a little redundant,  once we get through all the sex the story takes off.  I enjoyed both of these characters and only wish to someday find my own Aiden.

I give When I Remember Love **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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