I was so excited to read this novel.  I was first introduced to Kiki's writing with The Sorcerer's Song,  which I absolutely loved,  and she brought the same brilliance to her first full length novel in Torn Asunder.

Aubrey Griffen was sent to live with her cousins,  Lord and Lady Sanderly,  to learn her magic.  When she meets Edmund Bryant,  the Marquess of Dalysbury,  a love blooms beyond anyone's belief.  Edmund's mother has other intentions for him though,  arranging for him to marry The Lady Elizabeth Ward,  daughter of the Duke.

Edmund continually defies his mother's wishes and sneaks off to secretly be with his true love.  It is when his mother threatens Aubrey,  forcing her to leave London to give Edmund the chance to marry who is best suited for his social status,  that Edmund realizes he cannot live without her.  Giving her money and the threat to expose her family for what they are,  witches,  Aubrey agrees and flees to the island Triaill Brimuir,  a place her ancestors once inhabited.

Edmund leaves in search for his love,  finding his way to the island.  Out of fear for her family,  Aubrey uses her magic to transform Edmund into a beast,  willing him to return to his homeland with no success.  To both of their surprise,  Edmund carries a secret of his own.  Fearful and angry,  Aubrey tries to ignore the love that her and Edmund share,  feeling that Edmund purposefully kept this information from her.  Only after much plea and convincing,  does she return to London to face Edmund's mother.

Learning of his true Father,  the plot only thickens as Edmund fights to save his true love from the man he never knew,  and figure out who he truly is.  Will white magic and true love be enough to conquer the dark forces that so blatantly try to tear them apart?

I was so blown away at Howell's imagination.  I was drawn into this novel from the first chapter,  and as I neared the end the action picked up so much,   forcing me to read it until I knew what the outcome would be. I greatly enjoyed this read and would recommend this to anyone that loves a good romance with a fantasy twist.  If it weren't for the steamy sex scenes,  I would even recommend this to a younger audience.  It's that great that anyone would enjoy it,  but because of the sex,  it must be for 18 and above.

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