Raven's Kiss by Toni LoTempio was my second experience with Toni's writing and it was great. Every time I read her work I can't wait to see what else she's going to bring out.

Raven Grace is an angry shapeshifter. She was turned by a demon named Aega and her life mission is to find him and kill him so he can't do this to anyone else.

After her last capture with the Special Recovery Unit, her boss puts her on mandated personal time off.  She is to take a break and get her anger under control.

Just when Raven is about to complain, she comes across another case that could lead her to the very demon she hunts. Before she can start the chase, she must do a little time travelling.

Learning how to cross worldly planes, she gets a peek of what and who she will be dealing with when she learns of Finn McPhea. Not only does her body heat rise at the mere glance of him, but now she must convince him that she wants to help put a stop to this demon, working by his side keeping her carnal desires in check.

I loved this story so much!  I loved Raven from the very first introduction of her. She has such a kick ass attitude and I tend to lean towards those heroines, especially if they are a woman.  You will fall in love with all of these characters and find yourself anxiously turning the pages to see how it all works out.

LoTempio's writing just keeps getting better and better. I can' t wait for her next release.


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No Rest for the Wicca was,  in one word...Amazing.  I absolutely loved this book.  Morgan Hawkes is a Paranormal Investigator.  Being half Wiccan,  she possesses certain powers that allow her to help spirits move on that are caught in between worlds.  When she is summoned to take on a case with the Special Forces Unit,  memories of the past haunt her and she isn't sure this case is for her.  That is until the voices of the dead witches speak to her,  telling her she is the only one that can help them.  Someone is killing full blooded witches and it is up to Morgan,  and her new,  gorgeous,  Inheritor Vampire Partner,  Cole St. John,  to find them,  should she agree to take on the case.  After her cousin is attacked,  Morgan takes the case,  facing her biggest fears head on.  What she wasn't planning was the strong attraction to Cole.  As they close in on who is behind these witch murders,  they also close in on feelings never before ventured.LoTempio did a fantastic job keeping you in suspense,  guessing through the entire book and leaving you with a surprise twist at the end.  This was a title that has a great opening,  the characters are very likeable and easy to connect with,  and the action keeps you turning the pages.  I particularly love Cole,  he has so much patience to deal with Morgan as she can be very stubborn and sassy.  They were a great match and I just loved the chemistry LoTempio developed between them. Research was well done and  I love her Vampire classifications,  an Inheritor being half human.  Brilliant.  Toni LoTempio could be the next Laurell K. Hamilton,  for she carries a similar intensity.  I loved everything about this title.  I highly recommend this book and give it 5/5 Stars!

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