Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Review : The Nightman - T. L Mitchell - 2010

Coming in at only 60 pages , TL Mitchell has written a superb novella that covers all the basis of a paranormal and supernatural romance that we need in one helping.

The Nightman covers a variety of characters from Lycans , Vampires , Mortals and Curses and the occasional hint of Magic.  Dorian, Vampire and Master yearns for his chance at devouring Cailin , the
latest daughter in a  generation that one hundred years ago -Dorian spared
their lives against a raging team of Vikings "think Eric in True Blood" in return for the firstborn daughter in each generation. As each day passes , Dorian yearns for nothing more but the taste of Cailin's sweet blood.

Cailin , the daughter of the cursed generation whom have owed their lives for hundreds of years to Dorian and he in return as gotten a payment of each daughter in their bloodline. Cailin though her father came prepared and concocted a potion and cross embedded with her blood and Wolves Bane "think Vampire Diaries with Stefan and Damon" which protects her from Dorian. In order to free herself and break the curse , the vial can only be broken by somebody whom Cailin truly loves with all her heart.

Meet the Nightman , his family also owe themselves to Dorian and as we
bear witness , nobody gets a free ride with Dorian, each of the Nightman's must serve one season as Dorian's slave or Odd Job Person. The Nightman protects and watches , though his heart longs for a life of love, passion and family. Only when he can find that one , can his spell be also broken and he will get the strength to defeat Dorian.

As the new moon flares up in the sky , so does the course of The Nightman , Cailin and Dorian's lives . Will The Nightman and Cailin realise that in order to break free it is them that are supposed to live happily ever after or will Dorian get their first and in rage kill both The Nightman
and Cailin ending both their bloodlines for eternity.

As the Paranormal Romance Guild states and I agree completely "The
Nightman is a charming, romantic and utterly sensual story of love, lust
and danger and deserves a 5 star rating :)"

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5) ***** Stars = Phenomenal Read,  definitely worth purchasing, I couldn't put it down till I was finished.

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