Review by Paula Phillips

The Vow : Lifeline Chronicles by Christian Montalto -2010

Reading this book , if you have ever seen the movie starring Brit Actor
Jason Statham "Rogue Assassin" , where his friend takes on the identity of Rogue when his family are killed or when Frank takes on the role of
Punisher even Zorro with his masked Identity , then you will note likeness .

The Vow starts the story very innocently with a little boy aged 8 all happy and excited in his school uniform counting the days he has spent at school "as quoted in the story day fifty-seven of school". The story focuses on Christopher - a young boy who has idolised and cared for his father , it then moves on to the relationship between Christopher's older brother Darlan and their father , Head of the Marcelo family fortune and business Florian .

Darlan feeling rejected and angry plans to kill his father and take the fortune for himself, however things do not go to plan many years later and Christopher ends up taking the hit. As the tragedy happens , things about Christopher are revealed and stories of something called "The Dark Legion".

We read as we turn the pages to find out what exactly is the Dark Legion and how is the Marcelo family connected ?. As Christopher family and the things he loved start to fade , a new character evolves within causing Christopher to be a thing of the past and the character - A Hero named Zero to become the next generation - a warrior and assassin that has blood running through his veins and revenge on his palatte.

An excellent read for those who love Action , Adventure , Explotation and the Fight between Family, Love and Hate as well as shows strong points of Revengefulness. I am looking forward to more tales that author Christian brings our ways , as Zero is the new Christopher to borrow a line from movie Josie and The Pussycats.

3/5 Stars. ~Paula

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