Review by Paula Phillips

The Returning - Ann Tatlock -2009

 Five years has passed and John -sent to prison on a manslaughter charge which occured one night when drunk driving is on his way home. However when he arrives home , alot has changed over the years and not just the outward appearances either. Can the Family work out the differences and become a family once again?

Daughter Beka is starting to mix with the wrong crowd -drinking, drugs and witchcraft , when a terrible accident occurs and Beka becomes drawn into it.  Can John hekp is once daddys little girl into choosing the right decision or will they both end up in Peru ? (An insiders joke , when you read the book).

Little Phoebe is afraid of everything , when her dad arrives home all she sees is a stranger , can Phoebe learn to love her dad and become her mother and her fathers daughter ?

 Andrea , has always loved John , but has her feelings changed since he's been locked up or will his being home amongst the family re-ignite their passion and love for one another or will this once and for all be the start of a lenghthy divorce process - one thats long overdue ?

 Bang smack in the story , is our little bright light shining Billy , a god-fearing busboy who suffers from Down Syndrome . Billy is overjoyed at the thought of having his dad back.  When Billy and John attend church,  can Billy together with God's help and prayers answered save his family from falling apart?

This story is an amazing tale of how one family can overcome obstacles so great that if one should not pull their weight and play their part it can tear them aparf as easy. Can this Family join forces and learn to re-love one another or will it be the end for all, Find out in Ann Tatlock's book "The Returning".

 I give this book a ***1/2 (3.5 /5) .
 Cheers , Paula

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