Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Hugh Jacobsen has been a vampire for hundreds of years , he tried going
vegetarian as they call it but didn't survive as always the lust of blood
called to him . He however had made a pact to himself many, many moons ago -that though he was a vampire , he was not a killer. Setting up a club called "The Point" , he now has an array of women whom he takes just enough blood from to survive, and the women don't go unpaid. A true Vampire Gentleman -well as much as he can be.
Meet Dr. Elizabeth Chapman , on her annual two week break from her hectic life as an Accident and Emergency doctor . Elizabeth is camping in the middle of nowhere , after an silly little accident leaves her helpless she is rescued by her dark knight in a suit Hugh Jacobsen. As the story
progresses since of course it's a romance , sparks fly between Hugh and
Elizabeth. But alas, one complication - She is a mortal and he a vampire ?
Is Elizabeth willing to sacrifice in the name of love or will Hugh's
worries stop them from making the next step ? Find out in this wonderful,
fast-paced novella , that once you finished it leaves you craving for

Author's Website - http://www.victoriablisse.co.uk/

4 Stars :) ~Paula

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