The Macgregor's Daughter by Dee Julian was a fantastic read!  From page one I was enthralled with this title. 

When a man washes up on shore to the island that Dreya Macgregor lives on,  she is certain she has seen him before.  Blind and without memory,  Dreya and Edwina nurse the man back to health.   Unsure of how he is still alive,  he finds himself fighting for his memories and his heart.

Dreya never expected to be fighting for her own heart,  when she realizes that this man is Lucian Adams,  the very man that she once held at gun point.  At her recognition of Lucian,  she has him thrown into the castle's dungeon for fear he might recognize her as well.

With the help of a friend and Dreya's cousin,  Derek Reed helps Lucian regain his memory and escape back to England,  where he intends to turn Ethan Macgregor,  Dreya's father,  in for treason.  When faced with the King,  he finds he cannot betray the Macgregor's or the woman he now realizes he loves.  Relieved of his duties to the King,  Lucian learns that another pirate,  and the man that almost killed him is sent to retrieve Macgregor.  Fearing for the woman he loves,  he heads back to Dragons Breath Castle to save Dreya and her father.

Will Dreya return his love or will she have him hung?  Most importantly,  will Lucian even make it back to the island before the pirates aboard 'The Predator' can do the King's bidding?  Find out in this fascinating tale,  The Macgregor's Daughter.

Julian did a great job in this historical romance.  Chocked full of suspense and romance,  this is one title you won't want to miss.  Enticing,  exciting,  and a page turner to the end.

I give The Macgregor's Daughter ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.

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