The Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder was a fantastic read!  Becoming a shape shifter is the easy part,  staying alive is what becomes the challenge.

April knew there was something wrong as she wrenched in pain at random times throughout the day.  She knew she must be careful who she could trust and confide in as well.

Her boyfriend Robert wanted to be there for her.  He continually put up with April avoiding him,  just wanting to become closer.

When April meets the sister she never even knew she had,  she finds out she is hybrid,  part wolf and part human.  She must learn how to survive as she learns how to deal with the fact she is a shape shifter,  and that she is being hunted by the Rogue Malitia,  who wants to eradicate their kind.

As they fight for their lives,  April is also fighting for love.  Her human part wants to be with Robert,  while her wolf part is drawn to another wolf named Arkin.  As these three struggle with love,  they must learn to survive each other as well as the Malitia. 

Can they survive emotions and save their species before they become extinct?  Find out in The Hunted of 2060.

Blackwelder did a fantastic job pulling the reader in from the first page.  With everything we know of all books in this genre,  she keeps a lot of originality to keep just the right twist on it.

I give The Hunted of 2060 ****1/2 (4.5) Stars, BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Review by Paula Phillips

The Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder

Think forward many years and decades into the future , the world is
similar yet different than what we know exists today , technology has
advanced but not to the extreme of hovering cars and bunker houses that talk to you -think Eureka the TV Series. Though the world is still
advanced with techonolgy from robotic lunch ladies to class schedules sent on electronic devices, though in modern society I guess it won't be too long till schedules and homework is sent through cellphones and text
messaging. In terms of the animals and creatures that once roamed the
earth hiding their true forms from anybody, that has all been destroyed .
Two sisters , sent to be hidden among the human race and protected from those who hunted them are about to discover who they are and what they are. On a race against time to save themselves and the ones they love from the Rogue Militant - April and her sister along with their loved ones must do everything in their power to protect and save their kind from extinction. As April and her friend Robert are chucked into this unknown world ,will their newly found love stand the strains of time and will Robert be able to commit as he discovers what life would be with both sides of April. Her human self and the beast inside. An action packed story that keeps readers entertained and Ami the author has done a wonderful job in setting it in the future without going overboard on the futuristic like some Sci-Fi's authors do. This book is for those who love Romances .chicklits with a hint of Supernatural and Sci-Fi served on the side in meat format. Parts of the book reminded me of the movie Starring Josh Jackson Cursed with a hint of Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson series.


4 Stars :)

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