The Deceived was another great read by Sandra K. Marshall.  She never leaves out the mystery while delivering a suspensful and thrilling read. 

Melanie Dubois despised gambling,  and her family makes their living as owners of The Odyssey Casinos.  When she joins a group that is against gambling, she thinks she has found a new family to help end gambling addiction.

When one member of this group becomes obsessed with her,  her life is in danger and she has no where to turn.  What the group doesn't know is that Al Slavery and the entire anti-gambling group has been under investigation with an undercover FBI Agent inside.  The problem?  Dan can't be everywhere all the time.

When Melanie's family strives to get her home,  Mike Mercer, an employee of the Dubois family, must play nice and get close to her.  What he never expected was to fall in love with this unruly member of the Dubois family.

As the suspense heightens,  so doesn't the story as it unfolds and with some surprising twists.

Marshall did a great job delivering another great mystery.  The only thing I found is at times I wished there had been just a little more detail when it came to he characters,  such as when Melanie and Mike get involved,  it could have been slightly more drawn out so we could get a better feel as to how they develop in their relationship.  Other than that,  this was a fantastic read!

I give The Deceived **** (4)Stars. BK Walker

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