Review by Paula Phillips

The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee - Lisa Lane - 2009- Book One.

Karen has just broken up with her boyfriend and has to face the reality
that she has to return to her family's old Victorian home alone for the
summer , just her and her family. Now if Karen and her family were like
everybody else then this would be alright , but Karen and her family have
a secret.

Her father after an accident involving the death of another person has been locked up in a mental institution . Her father believes that he is in fact a Vampire Hunter and that the man he killed those years ago was a Vampire. However when Karen arrives , danger is lurking in the shadows in the disguise of two men : Mark and Billy .

These two though aren't your average men , they are Vampires and have come for revenge on Karen's family, it's payback time. For Karen and Billy though their is a connection and Karen doesn't want to die not yet anyway. Can Billy save Karen from becoming the Vampire's next meal and what will happen to Karen's family when their house becomes raided with Vampires? .

A story that includes Vampires, Ghosts and Family Loyalty and the fact that sometimes in order to save the ones you love , you have to sacrifice and bend the rules every now and again. A fast-paced story , that kept you intrigued and a wonderful start to an awesome trilogy.

4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

Cheers ~Paula

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