Reviewed by Daniel Dietz

The House With 9 Rooms by Stacie Williams,  with Illustrations by Syanne Djaenal was a fantastic read.  Full of adventure suitable for any child.

With 9 rooms in the entire house,  each room holds within its walls a special feature.  There are rooms for girls,  some for boys, and some for everyone.

I would have to say the adventures in each room are all great,  but my favorites would have to be Room 4 where you are led into Disney Land,  meeting Donald and Daisy Duck,  Mickey and Minnie mouse and all the attractions such as 3D and 4D shows. 

I also liked Room 9,  which was the wishing room.  Anything you wished for,  you got it.  If you wished for a drink, "POOF",  a drink started pouring from the ceiling.  How cool would it be to just automatically say you wanted something and then receive it?

Williams did a fabulous job describing the adventures throughout the rooms,  making you wish you could actually be there.  The illustrations were perfect in helping you to imagine the rooms in your mind.  I would recommend this book for any child,  even a 6th grader.

The House With 9 Rooms gets ***** (5) Stars,  Daniel Dietz.  Childrens Book Reviewer for BK Walker Books.

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