Well what can I say?  Tina Folsom has delivered another fantastic Erotica read with Samson's Lovely Mortal.  This was such a great read I hated to put it down.

Samson has been going through a rough period,  unable to perform sexually with all the stresses of life he is currently enduring.  When he decides to take his good friend Amaury's advice,  he visits Dr. Drake,  a psychiatrist for Vampires.

Unsure that this doctor can help,  he tries to heed his advice.  It is his birthday and the boys have prepared a surprise for Samson,  even though Samson is not surprised they've made plans.

When Delilah pounds on his door hoping to escape her attacker,  Samson is surprised the boys have sent a human to help him with his problem.  Feeling the attraction,  he plays along with what he thinks is part of Delilah's act,  (he thinks she's a stripper,  not a true damsel in distress).  As she tries to fight him off,  now unsure is she may have been safer outside with the man that grabbed her,  Samson finds himself aroused.

The boys enter with the real stripper,  and Samson is found with a huge case of embarrassment.  Now feeling he must make it up to Delilah,  he offers her a ride home,  then later asks her out on a date.  When the real stripper attempts to pleasure him,  he finds himself back in the same boat as before and seeks the good Dr.'s advice.

Dr. Drake's advice is simple - he must have sex with this human girl.

Delilah accepts Samson's invitation,  surprised she feels an attraction to Samson even after the way he treated her.  Their date goes exceptionally well,  and as they are leaving,  her attacker appears yet again,  not expecting her protector to be a Vampire.

This now sets the stage for Samson to become Delilah's protector,  and since he is the owner of Scanguards,  a body guard service,  he seeks to find out who and why someone is after his new attraction,  and healer of his erectile dysfunction.

With surprising twists and turns along the way,  not to mention fantastic,  steamy sex,  Folsom did not hold back on delivering another fantastic read.  I highly recommend this series,  The Scanguards Vampires,  and give Samson's Lovely Mortal ***** (5) Stars. ~BK Walker

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