Reviewed by Daniel Dietz

Snowflake A Christmas Gift by Robert Wheiler is an excellent childrens book.

Momma gives birth to five puppies.  After a few months the puppies must be sold.  The last pup the kids get to keep.

Snowflake is the one they wanted all along.  She's the cutest puppy always tripping over her big ears and that's the pup that is not picked.  The kids are ecstatic.

One day Snowflake gets lost in the forest and is desperate to get back to her human family.  A skunk befriends her,  helping her to find her way home.  Leading her to a hotel thinking it was a house that could be hers,  Snowflake gets a warm bed and a meal from the owner.  The next day the grandparents just happen to stop at this hotel and realize that Snowflake is there.  They bring Snowflake home to her family once again and the kids are so happy to have her back.

Wheiler did a great job with this title and I truly enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend this book for any child.  I give Snowflake A Christmas Gift 5 Latte's. ~ Daniel Dietz,  Children's Book Reviewer.

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