Review by Paula Phillips

Todays Review is "The Cain Letters" by Pierre Roustan- 2009

"Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat, Be Shadows of the Night, Be One With the
Darkness, And Never Let in the Light "( Vampire Law)

Normally in a review I would start with the beginning but in The Cain
Letters , it is a story with a twist and in order to set the scene , I
have to begin with the end chapters . This story is a build -up into the
discovery of a tomb that in laid Cain (the first murderer in the world) ,
Satans first revenant - The Cain in the Book of Genesis who killed his
brother Abel over God's remark of Offerings .

For those who aren't aware the book of Genesis is the first book in the bible that is set in the Garden of Eden where all was perfect before Cain sinned and Eve sinned , then from then on the world has gone downhill. The Cain Letters are three people's search for the truth , we have Marcus -One of the worlds oldest Vampires , Alexandra - killing thrells and vampires for revenge and Nikolas - an ancient who aims to become Master of the Vampire world and in doing this has the Vampire world after him - a canny twist of fate.

Can these three people find what they are looking for and each get their own way or will along the way these people discover what it is that they each truly desire ? . Will the truth about Cain be released and will he be finally forgiven and laid to rest for the crime he committed thousands of years ago ?

A Story of Truth, Action -lots of kick-butting fighting scenes against good and evil and a mixture of Spirituality , Christianity and all things Vampires. In The Cain Letters we even get visitors from The Cardinal and A Pastor amongst other things and if Egyptian History is your thing , who knows what treasures you may find in The Cain Letters. An excellent read for those who are interested in a wide variety of things making this the perfect book as it appeals in its own way to the individuals rather than a whole clique of readers.

I give this Four Stars :)

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