Review by Paula Phillips

Miami Snow -Darcia Helle -2009

Imagine if one day , you had everything that you could dream off and then
just like that it was over and you were left with nothing. For Nick Donovan this was his reality , one day he had a nice house, a good job and a beautiful wife who was pregnant with his child and then the next all
that was gone , when he found out his wife was seeing his best friend
behind his back. Nick had nothing .

Starting from scratch Nick moved to the opposite side of the coast to his ex-wife Shelley and Jimmy . Trying to find his place in this new life , Nick meets free-spirited Brandy and her friends Aaron, Dylan and Jenna.

All is going well until Nick is told he is a dad and Brandy, Aaron and Dylan start doing Coke, As the story develops we watch the strained relationships between all the characters and we watch others drift away and unlikely couples come closer. When tragedy hits Shelley, Nick must take a step back and look at his life as responsibility of his daughter is thrust upon him.

Fast forward eight years , Nick is happily married and has three children and Shelley is sick. Can Nick and Shelley reconcile differences before it's too late or when the time comes , has the clock stopped ticking?  Find out in this novel of Sex, Drugs, Cash , Families and knowing when to say no and being able to determine what is right and wrong in order to survive.

3.5 Stars :)

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