Trapped on Mystery Island by John Reid is a fantastic read!  Reid wastes no time getting into the action.

Meryll Manning is a police officer,  and having a weakness for his girlfriend Susan,  they participate in a murder mystery weekend adventure.

Each of the 13 guests plays a role in this game of Clue.  By process of elimination,  each guest must figure out who the murderer is,  taking the grand prize of $5000.

When there is a real murder,  Merryl and guests try to pin the murderer down while maintaining their own safety.  The problem is that everyone suspects each other,  and too many suspect Merryl.

Only after Meryll escapes the ties that bind,  does he conclude who the real murderer is.  Will the other guests believe him,  or help the real guilty member escape?

Reid did a great job at grasping the readers attention from the beginning.  He wasted no time getting into the action,  and I just love the character of Meryll.  Meryll is witty and smart,  and has a definite soft spot for Susan.

I give Trapped on Mystery Island **** (4) Stars.  BK Walker

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