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Reviewed by Nora Chipley Barteau

Abigail Cottage
by Margaret West

Abigail Cottage is about two very different love stories, one very dark and the other full of purity and light. Both circled around Abbey and the curse that has been in her family's blood line for centuries. A curse, if not broken would have meant the downfall of all mankind. And it entered Abbey's life in the form of a very old gold coin accompanied by a letter notifying her she had inherited a cottage from someone in her family. A cottage she would later find was the portal to evil, shadows that she feared her entire life, and an entity that had been formed out of resentment for the love he lost centuries before. Justin was determined he would have his beloved Abigail regardless of how many souls of babies that were lost. Justin, once a handsome man, had become a grotesque demon who had to use magic to hold the illusion of the self he once was, and to allow Abigail Cottage to appear in a form other than the deteriorating building it was in order to appeal to Abbey to dwell in it. Once she inhabitated the cottage, events were in play and it would take the love of a child and of a true love to break the curse forever. The true love would come from a man Abbey met at the airport after she arrived in Ireland where her inheritance was located. Shaun was smitten and it was love at first sight. They spent one beautiful night together in his mother's house. A night that would set into motion, a miracle, a betrayal, a tragedy, a revelation, and a light which was driven by a love so powerful, no evil could survive it.

This book was outside of the genre I usually read most often, although still paranormal, it was a story that was not about vampires or werewolves. Knowing this, I wasn't sure it would hold my interest even though I do like to read various different reads, I was not real familiar with Margaret West's work. So, in the beginning I found it to be a bit 'slow' going. After sticking it out, and continuing with the story, I soon realized why it started the way it had. She had to explain a bit of the history of the story in order for it to make sense, otherwise, the reader would be lost throughout the entire book.

I found Abigail Cottage to be a very well written book. At times I found the 'accents' a bit hard to understand but not to the point I didn't know what was being said. A few times I felt sorry for the demon in the story because all he wanted was the true love he thought he once had, no matter the cost. This book made me smile, discouraged, anxious, sad and unsure up to the very last page. This book has peeked my interest to check other works by Margaret West. I feel this book can be enjoyed by all no matter the genre they are used to reading because it contains a little bit of everything. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I plan on reading more of Margaret West's work.

4/5 Stars

Reviewed by
Nora Barteau

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The Heart of a Warrior by Margaret West was "OMG" phenomenal!  Becoming enthralled from the first sentence I couldn't put this book down until I finished it!

Belinda Carter escapes to Arizona looking for some comfort from her father as she is going through a nasty divorce.  Upon her arrival,  she finds a distaste for several people who claim to be helping her father and that her dad is actually in the hospital recovering from a heart attack.

Though her dad has told her much about the Navajo that live on a Res nearby her fathers home,  Belinda seems to keep putting her foot in her mouth when she meets Yuma,  the Navajo Chief.

She is worried about her father and wanting at the same time for the Navajo Clan to like her for her,  not because she is her Harry's daughter.  She finally gets to see her dad after a fight about visiting hours,  where she was going to sleep,  and apologizing for making the Chief angry.

While trying to keep the peace with Yuma,  Belinda is also worried about her fathers store,  which she is sure that is on its downfall and that the current caretakers are running it,  and her fathers good name into the desert ground.  She doesn't trust Jez Landsdowne any farther than she can throw him and he continually proves his actions to be dishonest.

When Aponi,  (Yuma's niece) and Belinda go for a night swim,  Jez once again proves his ill intentions and Yuma must come to the rescue.  This is when their relationship begins to flourish,  even though they are continually butting heads.

West did a fantastic job with The Heart of a Warrior.  The plot was perfect,  with added humor I found myself laughing at times,  angry at others while rooting for Belinda to come out on the winning side.  I really liked Yuma's stubborness and Belinda's feistiness,  West did a great job mixing the chemistry between these two.

The only thing I was left with was wanting more at the end of this title.
West did a superb job capturing the essence of Native Americans  and it will definitely capture your heart!  I give it ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Another title by Margaret is Two Faces One Life.  Be sure to check her out.

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
Review by Paula Phillips

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The Heart of A Warrior - Margaret West - 2009

When Belinda arrives to Arizona from England , wanting some TLC from her father she arrives at the airport with a shock that seems to follow one after another. Informed that her father has had a heart-attack and is in hospital , all she wants to do is make sure her father is well and check up on the Shop . When arriving at the shop, she is in for another shock as the Lansdowne's couple whom are looking after the shop as let it run to the ground-it's definitley not the same shop her father had made his prized possession-his soul and joy.

In Arizona, Belinda meets Yuma -the American Indian Chief. At first - neither of them like each other very much , but is it just a front ? As they get to know each other along the novel , it shows they are meant to be together , however it wouldn't be very much of a great story if their wasn't some obstacle that they have to overcome . As Chief of the Reservation Yuma is supposed to marry somebody with American Indian blood and it is to be an arranged marriage and when Belinda's ex-husband Ray ends up in Arizona -Yuma gets the wrong idea.

Will Belinda and Yuma end up together or when Belinda flies back to England , will Yuma be a Spring/Winter Fling ? A great novel that portrays the American Indian culture in a realistic way right down to their living situations, values and rituals.

(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

Website www.margaret-west.com

Blog for writing http://Margaret-paranormalromanceauthor.blogspot.com/
Spiritual Blog.   http://magsx.blogspot.com/

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