Dream Bigger by Julie Wise is a great book to explore self recognition,  finding ones dreams,  realizing you have the potential to unlock the doors in your path.

Learning a little bit about Julie's struggles along the way,  and how she overcame them,  Julie teaches you how you can realize your dreams and successfully reach them.

We all have the potential to open the doors to our destined paths,  it's just that most of us don't know how,  or even what our destiny is or what our dreams are.

In Dream Bigger,  Julie takes you on a self recognition journey,  teaching you how to unleash the power within yourself to reach your dreams,  and even how to realize what your dreams are through her included exercises.

My favorite quote that I took from her book is,  "I seem to have to go through a breakdown right before a breakthrough." 

How many of us feel like this?  Or that we are always faced with obstacles?  Julie will teach you how to face these obstacles head on,  deal with them and move on in the steps to reaching your dreams.

Included are some inspirational stories of those that have figured out what their dreams were,  and either reached them or are in the process of being well on their way.

The book is well formatted,  with exercises,  links,  and even links to downloadable pdf's to help keep you organized and on track.

Wise did a fantastic job with Dream Bigger and I give it ***** (5) Stars.  BK Walker

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