Joe Gibbons by Roland and Gwen Higginbotham was another great read by this duo. 

Joe Gibbons was a boxer and Light Heavyweight Champion.  He thought he had the world at his hands, with his boxing career on the rise and a beautiful woman by his side.

When Joe loses a fight,  not only does he lose his championship,  but the love of his life as well.

Ten years later he is now owner of Joe's Pub.  People continually recognize him and want to know why he quit boxing.  Joe can't help but wonder the reasons himself,  and finds himself questioning his motives. 
As Joe searches for his lost love,  he finds himself faced with continual emotional torment as well as the question,  "Why did I quit boxing?" 

When a regular patron stops into the Pub and tells Joe he's seen Jane,  Joe wastes no time in going to get the woman he lost so many years ago.  When he arrives to where Jane's been living,  he is disappointed to find she is not there.

Joe heads back home with a sense of loss once again.  To his surprise he runs into Jane at a New Year's Eve party in their home town,  not only does she look the same,  but he realizes that she is the woman for him.  As they get to know one another once again,  Joe learns he is a father.  This makes Joe realize what's important in life and that he needs to make some serious changes.

Jane is hesitant on where she wants to go with their relationship,  as his boxing was so important to him all those years ago.  Joe is determined to win her back though,  and when an opportunity arises that can change all of their lives,  Joe jumps on the chance to win back his family and his title.

This title is a boxing lover's dream.  From losses to love,  the Higginbotham's deliver another fantastic book.

I give Joe Gibbons **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker

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