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Review by Paula Phillips

Swan Song - Jevron McCrory - 2010

Swan song as we can guess has something to do with a serene singer ,
however our singer in this novel is anything but a swan; In fact the main
character Katrina , reminds me of the fairytale the Ugly duckling ,where
the baby swan thought he was a duckling and everyone around thought he was a duck too, but in the end he turned out to be a beautiful creature - a gorgeous and elegant swan. In Jevron's novel Swan Song , we are presented with a new and upcoming singer whom seems to be taking the club scene by storm , a singer that is assumed private and that nobody really knows anything about since she refuses to participate in interviews and all that media hooha that comes with the territory of being famous. Our other main star of the book is Lewis Morrison , a music journalist whose known for his infamous mouth and carries a bad reputation with him. When he is assigned to do a write up , he has the impression that this is going to be another pop princess that wants to be the next Mandy Moore or as referred to in Swan Song as similar as Enya. When Lewis hears Katrina , she has an effect on him that makes him sick ? Is Lewis the only one that feels repulsed by Katrina and what power does she contain to make everyone fall for her ?. As the novella plays out we learn that Katrina is definitley not human and we read as Lewis's character changes significantly through the novella . A Novella that keeps your attention and leaves you turning the pages as you are keen to find out exactly what Katrina is and what is going to happen to Lewis. What made this novella enjoyable was also the numerous twists and turns the story takes as it is jam-packed into 60+ pages.

(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

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