Reviewed by Paula Phillips

Review : Song of Eidolons - Jessica McHugh - November 2009

This novel starts off in what seems like a different world , one that is not in this universe, it kind of gave off a fantasy medieval type feel to it and we witness a mother with child running from captors as her husband is killed and she is next. The novel then flips over to what can only feel
like today's world where Delaney Lortal is living with her Grandfather Dags in his house since the day her parents passed away.

For Delaney, life within the house has been all she has ever known as for 22 years of her life , she has been like Rapunzel -locked away in her tower . This kind of reminded me of the part on Sweeney Todd where Sweeney Todd's Daughter had been locked away and kept inside the mansion or the Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews. However for Delaney, it has a different effect as she is not aware that she is missing out on anything as she is surrounded by literature, her grandfather and everything she has ever desired within the comfort of her own home. Whilst reading Songs of Eidolons , I was envious of their library and her little set-up with a fold-out Queen Bed in the library and all the books she has ever wanted to read, glorious bookshelves etc. For Delaney ,all she has ever experienced is in books and she has a knack for the written word , writing stories of love and heroism . Delaney yearns to be loved like the characters in the books she reads more fairy-tales rather than Mills and Boons though.

When Delaney finally talks her grandfather into letting her out into the
big wide world to attend college , it is their that Delaney meets William
and thus starts to journey of Delaney's and Williams Courtship however
Delaney has a dark secret that not even she realises , one that her
grandfather has been protecting her from - she is in fact a target of a
clandestine order called the Orisanima and soon it will be revealed to her
as Songs of Eidolons is more a journey of herself rather than a tale of
everything else, that the one thing she desires most - love is the one
thing that she is incapable of . Can William and Delaney overcome what
obstacles and hindrances are thrown in their way or was Delaney's
grandfather correct in keeping her hidden from the world and people in it?

(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept my attention, stirred emotions .


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