In All His Glory by John Howard Reid was a mix of biblical suspense and murder/mystery.  I just love Reid's writing and always enjoy his books.

Taken from the Book of Kings,  we follow Jeroboam as he is outcast from his native country by King Solomon and finds himself in Egypt where he becomes the pawn of the Pharaoh's game.

Accused of murdering Methyethy,   a counselor to the Pharaoh,  he is about to be sentenced to death when suddenly the Pharaoh decides that Jaroboam will be his new counselor.  We see the Pharaoh as a manipulative man and sometimes in a bi-polar state as his moods change as easily as the weather. 

As Jeroboam stands in his own trial,  he is able to put off being sentenced as he is now the Chief Counselor,  and the next case is brought before him.  Tomb treasures are being robbed and the accused is a carpenter that has been beaten to the point he can barely move.

Jeroboam doesn't believe he is guilty and this sets the scene for an extensive investigation.  Jeroboam must now prove the carpenters innocence and find the true grave robber and murderer of Methyethy.  What he finds is his own life in danger,  and truths with unexpected twists that he never even conceived possible.

Reid did a fantastic job keeping you in suspense,  leaving you no choice but to turn the next page to find out the what,  who,  when and why of these Tomb Robberies and murders.  Surprising twists and action packed events,  I'm sure you will truly enjoy In All His Glory.

I give this title ****1/2 (4.5) Stars,  BK Walker

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