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The Heart of A Warrior - Margaret West - 2009

When Belinda arrives to Arizona from England , wanting some TLC from her father she arrives at the airport with a shock that seems to follow one after another. Informed that her father has had a heart-attack and is in hospital , all she wants to do is make sure her father is well and check up on the Shop . When arriving at the shop, she is in for another shock as the Lansdowne's couple whom are looking after the shop as let it run to the ground-it's definitley not the same shop her father had made his prized possession-his soul and joy.

In Arizona, Belinda meets Yuma -the American Indian Chief. At first - neither of them like each other very much , but is it just a front ? As they get to know each other along the novel , it shows they are meant to be together , however it wouldn't be very much of a great story if their wasn't some obstacle that they have to overcome . As Chief of the Reservation Yuma is supposed to marry somebody with American Indian blood and it is to be an arranged marriage and when Belinda's ex-husband Ray ends up in Arizona -Yuma gets the wrong idea.

Will Belinda and Yuma end up together or when Belinda flies back to England , will Yuma be a Spring/Winter Fling ? A great novel that portrays the American Indian culture in a realistic way right down to their living situations, values and rituals.

(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept
my attention, stirred emotions .

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