He Is Noah by T.S. Wilkins is a wonderful portrayal of how hard life can be especially when handed to you with uncontrollable obstacles.  Helping us to remember not to judge a book by its cover,  this title will definitely touch your soul.

An autobiography of the her life growing up,  Wilkins gives us a clear picture on how difficult it can be growing up with someone that is mentally and developmentally challenged.

Having thought that Noah would be like any other normal boy,  full of energy and mischief,  this family was thrown a curve ball when Noah started having seizures.  As the years went on,  the behavior issues were found to be a piece of several known diseases.

Wilkins always having looked up to her brother as her Superhero,  found it difficult trying to maintain her love for her brother,  trying to protect him from the cruel world while developing her own status in society.

As behaviors and anger outbursts increased,  this family had to learn to live and cope,  while maintaining faith and hope.

Wilkins wrote a beautiful story,  with touching poetry that just leaves you with an understanding of what message she is trying to get across.  Your eyes will be opened to make a conscious effort not to judge someone without walking in their shoes first.

We don't always try to feel what that family may be going through when living with someone with a disability.  Wilkins did a fantastic job giving us a look from the inside.  I give He Is Noah *****(5) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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