Gods of the Machines by Gary Starta was a fantastic Sci-Fi thriller.  Man vs Machine.

Ceres is a new planet in which Earth is trying to populate,  not only with humans but artificial intelligence as well. 

Dr. McElroy has created a superior AI Android,  and they are so intelligent they can feel emotions and have free will.

When a murder takes place,  it is up to CSI Sam Benson to solve the case,  but there are absolutely no leads to a suspect.  Flown in from Earth,  Sam doesn't trust any android,  and they are first on his radar as there are no clues,  no prints,  and who else could possibly be that successful at murder than an Android?

A second murder scene with 3 victims has now occurred.  James Starkman,  an Android of great intelligence was first on the scene,  and now their number one suspect.  Benson has no problems accusing him,  regardless of what his fiance' says or anyone else for that matter. 

So what do these murder victims have in common?  They are all committing adultery,  and this is the only connection.  With a new partner,  Sharon Laviolette,  Benson is at wits end,  and on the verge of committing adultery himself. 

Then we have Mikasa who works for DigiEarth and wants to recreate McElroy's Androids for his own use.  He's got all of Earth and law officials in his palms because he is rich enough to pay off in order to get what he wants.  Is he who is behind these treacherous murders?

I loved the entire plot of this novel.  The Android aspect of it was absolutely amazing,  these beings having their own thought process and even James Starkman studies past human life,  back to Alexander the Great to better understand humans and their thought processes. 

Benson is this ball of emotions,  he hates artificial intelligence simply as fear of the unknown,  his investigation runs into so many walls.  At first I thought what a jerk,  but as the story progresses,  we see Benson grow as a CSI,  a partner,  and an about to be husband to his fiance' Sandra Morton. 

Gods of the Machines moves along at a steady pace,  there weren't really any dry moments for me.  I didn't like Sandra's reaction to Benson and Sharon with the development of their professional and personal relationship,  but I guess not all women are complete crazy bitches (pardon my french).

I did like watching Benson grow and transform and I absolutely loved James Starkman.  I would have liked to see a better ending with Mikasa,  maybe his fall or demise.  Other than that,  this was a well written tale with some surprising twists and turns.

I give Gods of the Machines **** (4) Latte's,  BK Walker.

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