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Review by BK Walker: Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi is brilliant! Christi does a phenomenal detail bringing two love stories full circle to one extraordinary outcome.

The Ghost Orchid is an endangered and rarely seen flower.  There has been a sighting of one in a swamp found in the Florida Everglades.  Christi has created an amazing plot as we watch how two separate love stories intertwine and the Ghost Orchid's magic brings them both to an unexpecting connection and meaningful conclusion.

In search of the 'one' great capture on film,  Roger Andrew and Neev are brought together on assignment for National Geographic.  In the jungle of South Africa,  they find adventure and passion.  While their love grows no farther than the assignment they are on,  a deeply profound and true friendship does.

Neev,  never knowing her real family,  searches to resolve anger and the empty hole in her soul.  Roger stands by her as a true friend should and as we see the other love story of Mel and Jack unfold,  Neev is led to the answers she so desperately seeks.

Ghost Orchid is a must read.  I can't say enough about this title.  Christi's style will definitely leave you feeling the magic.  I give it ***** (5) Stars, ~BK Walker - Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books, http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com.

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"All I know is in this moment."  …D. K. Christi

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