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Dead Game - Jennifer Chase- 2010

 "In this Video Game , Game Over means You're Dead".

Novels about Virtual Killers are one of those things that pop up now and  again, and they always make for interesting reads. This novel has one of those looks and feels about it that the killer could be related to Jigsaw from movies "Saw". This novel incorporates two storylines and does a brillant job of interweaving them together.

 We have Emily Stone and her partner Rick Lopez playing the Phantom
 Detective duo and helping bring Child abductors to the police and
 helping them land behind bars and the children if they are fortunate enough to be alive-back home in the safety of their parents arms. The second storyline and main plot overall is the Serial Killing happening in San Jose , when three plus people end up killed -police begin to be stumped on why they are dying and when an ex-cop turns up dead , they have a case on their hands.

Somehow all the dead people have been playing a James Bond type Computer game "EagleEye" - The same name as the movie that starred Shia LaBeouf .
>> When the law enforcers start to crack down on GAMECO - the organisation behind EagleEye , things start to heat up and Emily and Rick are bought in  by a friend to help solve the case. As time goes by and the case unfolds,  truths and lies are revealed and people are not who they say they are - can everyone put aside truth and deceit to solve the case?

Once again, as time is nearing Rick and Emily find themselves in the killers clutches. Can Rick and Emily get out of this one alive or will this be their last case together once and for all.

A genre that I love , all that mystery and in some creepy way-the
torture in the novel LOL. The writer has also written in that excellent American type of mystery , where the book keeps going at a nice ,thrilling pace and an easy to read and not using too many descriptive words which is something I find a few English authors do in the Mystery Field.
When will they learn , that people love the mystery crime scenes and are not too interested in all the jargon and descriptive words.

Overall a wonderful read that all Crime -lovers will really enjoy :).
Looking forward to seeing what else author Jennifer Chase brings our
(4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,
kept my attention, stirred emotions.

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