My Dog Is Too Fat by Cheryl Gress is phenomenal.  A great childrens book with self illustrated pictures that make it perfect.

When Bear goes to the Vet and they find out he is overweight,  the good Dr. has to explain what is the proper food to feed a dog. 

Gress did an excellent job with her rhyming to keep the attention and the illustrations are cute as ever.

My Dog Is Too Fat not only teaches children what to feed and what not to feed a dog,  but is a perfect title for any beginning or active reader.

I also read this with my ten year old son who said "This book is funny.  It teaches people not to feed dogs people food so they don't get fat." 

We give My Dog Is Too Fat ***** (5) Stars. BK Walker, reviewer for BK Walker Books.  Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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